I am Therefore I am: February 2008

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Friday, February 15, 2008


How can Life be sustained with differences? Forms constantly change. What is the animating force between the forms, the space we see as nothing? Is the air a dead space? Is your house a dead space? Does a "life force" only run through living things? If so, what is this force that animates but ends up in the death of the form? What stability and permanence could there be for something which constantly changes? Certainly, this force cannot be counted on. There would be chaos as each "living" form has its own animating force. Under this scenario each animating force would compete with another. Each would attempt to "sustain" its existence through hoarding of resources, through winning over another animating force. And God would be competing against all of these animating forces. Through logic, we are left with what is truth by eliminating what is obviously not truth. There must be something within which the changing of forms is contained. Appearances, the changing of forms, is contained within the truth that is Oneness. The appearance of impermanence is contained within the permanence. There can be no breaks in the animating force. Oneness contains all.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

"I am Therefore I am" is unique

"I am Therefore I am" is unique in that it bridges a gap between standard Christian books and New Age type books. If Truth is your whole hand, then standard Christianity consists of three fingers. Christian authors such as Billy Graham and Joel Osteen are very popular because they talk about God's Love for us. That is the attraction for readers, because each of us longs to return to that Love, and each of us realizes that we are truly Love, even if this recognition takes place at a very deep level outside the brain. But no matter how much Christian authors and ministers talk about God's Love, they still cling to this idea of sin and sacrifice. How could God, who is Love, require a blood sacrifice? The two are totally incompatible. If Jesus died for our sins and that was salvation for all of us, why does there still appear to be sin in the world? My book talks at length about the falsity of the belief in sin and sacrifice. It also talks about God's Love for us. This Love relationship between the Father, The Mother, and the Son is at the heart of our Creation. There are many insightful New Age books out there which do a good job of bringing Truth to the forefront. They dispel the belief that Jesus is the only Son of God. They show us how thought creates our circumstances, and some show us our Oneness. But they do not get to the important issue --- God's overwhelming Love for us and ours for Him. My book bridges that gap between the the two sets of beliefs and it helps to spur your remembrance as it places you on the path of Love.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Comments from visitors

Very awesome site you have here, very useful, pragmatic to all and urgently needed by everyone. I love that you are obeying Christ and helping others, this is a great way because it is random and therefore more open to be specific to the individual, which is what everyone wants, to be directly spoken to by god himself, when in reality, its all already been said in his word, its just a question of when to apply what. That again comes back to obedience and practicing the disciplines we have been given. How is one to learn what God would have for them, if they arent seeking but simply asking and doing nothing more? I look forward to clicking on the random statement link everyday. I wish that I could even have it as a widget. Thank you! God bless!
John C.

wow you are definitely a man who loves the lord our God and your obedience to him wow thank you sooooo much for listening to him!! you have no idea(or maybe you do) how much i needed this site!!! wow it summed up a bunch of areas i have been diligently sometimes impatiently waiting for!!!!! thank you dear father!!!!
Teresa B.

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