I am Therefore I am: June 2008

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, June 30, 2008


I want to thank everyone, around one hundred of you, who came through the line at INATS to meet me and pick up a signed copy of my book. It helped remind me that I am not doing this for prestige or money. As I looked in to each of your faces and eyes, I saw the divinity shining through and I saw a reflection of myself. This is what Christ meant when he referred to two being gathered in his name. In the moment that we smiled at each other, the illusion of time passed away, and all that was left was the one eternal moment. This was God awakening to Himself, to Herself. In that moment only Love was present. I am grateful for all of the kind comments you said to me, and I hope that the book will satisfy your hunger, which was very evident. This book is not mine, for we are all One. It was a gift to ourselves, and as you read it, our remembrance increases. Thank you for the blessing you gave to me.

As you walk through the world today, take one person and look them fully in the face, just as you did with me yesterday. Allow that moment to be suspended in time. Feel the peace in that one holy moment. Maybe this is someone that you don't like that much. Take a step outside your normal comfort zone. If you can see the divinity in them, you can see it in yourself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Prayer and Communion

What is the proper kind of prayer? What should we be asking for? The highest form of prayer is communion with God. That is a wordless prayer that is constant, never ending, because you are One with Him. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't pray with words or thoughts. There are different levels to this illusion or dream, and we move through these different layers, which gives us a contrast to what is Real, the undifferentiated One. So prayer with words or thoughts are important rungs on the ladder, but these prayers should be ones of gratitude than ones of asking God for something. When we pray for something, like prosperity or health, we are putting that which we pray for at a higher level than what we don't want. This reinforces separation. If you pray from your ego and not your true Self, you will be asking for something that is seen through the ego's eyes, eyes of separation. Asking to win the lottery is in the same category as asking to be prosperous, even though it sounds a little toned down. When we pray from gratitude, we are acknowledging our perfection and wholeness as we are. These prayers come from Love. They come from our authentic or true Self. When you come from that true Self, you are coming from Love, and you don't ask to win the lottery. You know that your happiness lies within, that it lies in your relationship with God. You are already prosperous. You do not lack. When you are grateful for your properity, all of the world's riches come to you. Isn't that amazing. You are not even asking for them, and they come to you because you are grateful for already being prosperous. This is the underpinning of The Secret. But let's go further. Those riches will come to you, but they will not satisfy you. They will not take care of that hunger, which comes from your longing to return to God's Love. So the next rung on the ladder of prayer is communion. Communion is wordless. It comes from the heart, not the head. Our gratitude prayers came from the heart, but now, with communion, our heart has found its Beloved. There are no words, because God cannot be known through symbols. You are in communion with God, every moment. You can 'feel" that space without end, simply by drawing your attention away from the world to that which you are, which is Love. And you bring your focus back to this communion through your remembrance.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sweetness of God's Love

About ten years ago I realized that I was attached to sodas and chewing gum and that this attachment, as well as the high sugar content, was not good for me. So I gave them up, but I continued to eat sugar in candy or chocolate, etc. The amount that I ate varied over the years. Within the last few years I exhibited symptoms of Candida, and there were a couple of times I came off the processed sugar, hoping to clear the Candida up. But I never gave up fruit, and I was eating a significant amount of fruit. I justified eating the fruit because it was not the same type of sugar, and of course, everyone needs to eat fruit. About 6 weeks ago I had the realization that I needed to give up all sugar, including fruit. My fruit intake had increased greatly, and I felt as if I was having physical cravings for fruit. Plus, there were times I gorged on chocolate/candy, and my Candida had never cleared up. Physically, I needed to cleanse my body to make it more of a temple for God. I was off all sugar and fruit for about a week, and I felt that this must have been enough time to cleanse me. It was also hard for me to fight the cravings for chocolate. So in my mind, I justified the slow reintroduction of fruit and a little sugar. But of course, once I opened the gate, the flood came in. Another piece of candy was okay, another orange couldn't hurt me because it was fruit. So you know the story. I ended back up at the same point I was at before I started. A couple of weeks later it hit me. My cravings were not physical. They were psychological. As I turned away from God's Love due to fear, I substituted that missing sweetness with a physical sweetness. This is what I had been doing for all of my life, and this is why we are so addicted to sugar in this society. We believe that we can replace that missing Love, but it can never be replaced. As we eat sugar, we continue to eat more and more, because what we are eating is not acting as a replacement for that Love. That deep hole of grief that we have over not feeling His Love becomes more and more pronounced, and we continue to feed that hole with sugar. The sugar also causes us to add weight, and we have a belief that this extra weight acts as a protective barrier to not feeling at all. Because if we feel, we will have to face that deep hole of grief. When I realized that this sugar addiction was psychological, I knew it was time, finally time, for me to turn permanently to that Love. The sweetness of that Love is indescribable. It is the Love the Father has for the Son and that Love coming back to the Father. This is the reason for your Creation. It has all the sweetness that you will ever need. It is there for you, right now. All you need do is look within.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love and the Expansion of Creation

Until several years ago, I used to believe that when I met somebody and had even a short conversation with them, it was meant to be a conversation that covered spiritual topics. It was almost like I had an obligation, a burden from God, to do this. And sometimes I resented that. I believed that I could help them and that it was for their own good. What a false belief that was! I won't say that it came from arrogance, but it came from a belief that I had something special, something that others did not always have. This was a belief that was inseparably linked with my belief in separation. I saw everyone as separate from me, and I also saw a distinction between spiritual and non spiritual. By talking to them I was bringing them in to the spiritual realm. Our belief in separation from each other and from God has roots that extend out to the farthest reaches. The good news is that we have only one belief to release, that belief in separation. When we release that belief, it solves all of our "problems." Instead of all of those roots extending off a weed, they extend off a trunk of Love. Remember, one "problem," one answer. Now, my conversations go wherever they go. What freedom it is to allow the River of Life to carry you gently. It doesn't matter if the conversation turns "spiritual," because it is all spiritual. It is all One. There are no differences in Love. When I speak from Love, I am speaking from the One, regardless of the content. In fact, I think that my non "spiritual" conversations have more effect than "spiritual" ones. For a lot of people, talking about anything spiritual brings up fear, which closes them off to the Love. If our conversation is about the mundane, yet I speak from Love, I am reminding that person that they are also Love. As they remember that they are Love, it helps me to remember that I am Love, because we are One. So it is a never ending circle. This is how Creation unfolds and expands.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

How the Illusion of Choice Shows Love

Choice only exists within the illusion of time. In the Now, in the one eternal moment, there is no choice because there is nothing to choose from. There is only the One which exists in perfection. God is changeless. Choice requires distinctions or differences so that you can choose one thing over another. Time gives us the appearance of choice. It is an appearance because it exists within an illusion. No change has occurred to God, thus no choice is possible. We have never been separate from God, thus this journey back to Him is an appearance, and our choices that we take all lead back to the same outcome -- Changelessness. The beauty and blessing of time is that it gives us the opportunity to express ourself as Love. In each moment we choose to express the appearance of Love, or we choose to not express that appearance. So the illusion of time allows God to know Herself as Love through the appearance of choices.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Spiritual Dichotomy of Los Angeles

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in Los Angeles for Book Expo America. Los Angeles exemplifies a split that is somewhat representative of the rest of existence. Historically, there have been many people drawn to this area, and most are probably not aware why. There is a very strong grounding in the natural world because of the combination of the mountains and the ocean. This grounding allows a person to be more in their body, more connected with their true Self and with God. But at the same time, there is a great falsity present there. There is a fixation with the unreal, a fixation with worldy attributes. For a large group of residents there is a strong belief that money, fame, and popularity are what is important. Celebrities, rich businessmen, dealmakers, they are the new God. These worshippers of a false God, not unlike the idol worshippers in ancient times, are spiritually very empty and afraid, and they turn to the world to fill a hole that can only be filled by God. This whole society is fixated with celebrities. This fixation comes from a belief in separation, that somehow these people who are famous are better than you. When you desire to be like them, you desire to be something that you are not, and thus you cut yourself off from the recognition that you are One with God and that you are perfect as you are.What sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes saddens me is that these celebrities are some of the most psychologically dysfunctional people you could meet, so to be looking at them for guidance is incredible. These celebrities are like this because a large number of people have put them on a pedestal, and when this pedestal is believed by the celebrity, it moves them away from their true Self. But let's go back to the Southern California area. There are a small minority of people, like Michael Beckwith and the Agape church (and others,) who have broken through this false worship. As they have found themselves, they have been even more empowered in their divinity by the natural environment present there and by the large contrast to what is not real. As they haved moved deeper in their Oneness, there has been a split with those who are caught in the web of illusion. This split is like a rubber band being stretched to its limits. Because they are so centered in their true Self, it does not take many people to create the tension that pulls against those lost in the illusion. The ratio may be 1000 to 1. When you take one candle into a completely darkened arena, that one candle can shed a lot of light. As the split becomes worse, the rubber band is being stretched to a greater extent, and this causes shocks to the system. The natural world is a reflection of what what is happening with us, and the increase in earthquakes and tremors is showing us what is going on in this area.

On a completely different note, if you have a question that you would like me to address in this blog, please go to my website at www.lawrencedoochin.com and ask the question through the contact form. I will not identify you when responding to the question. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Comparison to A Course In Miracles

There are many similar themes between I Am Therefore I Am and ACIM. This was not done on purpose. I did not go through ACIM and find sections that I wanted to reproduce in my book. However, ACIM has been one of the most important aids on my journey. For me, it is as if God and Jesus are speaking directly to me as I read those words, so I strongly resonate with it and I have used it frequently to remind me who I am. Many times it has cast a light in the darkness when I have fallen back in to the illusion. I have never read ACIM cover to cover, but rather I have randomly turned to a page, always finding the words that I need to hear in that moment. As I originally recorded the revelations in my journal, grouped them, put them into book form, etc., I was amazed and grateful for the number of times that I had already written something that I was just now discovering in ACIM. The point I want to make here is that these revelations, whether they be in ACIM, my book, or in your consciousness, come from the same Source, from the One which we are inseparable from. So for me to have these revelations and then to find them in ACIM at a later date is no surprise. And it should be no surprise when you have the same experience. Think about all of the times that you have read something in a spiritual book and you already had that recognition or knowing previously. There is only One of us generating this. Besides resonating with ACIM, I think one of the purposes for my book is that it attracts a wider audience than those who can make it through ACIM. That is a small group which I applaud, as I can only make it through several pages at a time. But that is how it is meant for me. Hopefully, my writings give you a flavor of the teachings in ACIM but at a little easier pace and comprehension level. I think my writings are complex, but I think that ACIM is super complex. God is One. That is pure simplicity, but we live in a paradox, a world of appearances, and these appearances can seem complex as we make our way back to the Oneness. I know my book is somewhat heady, but this is the way it came out, the way that WE intended. Hopefully, my personal journey in the book eases some of this complexity.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Criticism of I Am Therefore I Am

In the short time it has been out, I have had an overwhelmingly positive response to my book, and I have been very grateful that it has helped people in different ways. I recently read a negative review of my book on Amazon, and this is something that would have bothered me several years ago. But I am in a different place, and I know that everything is brought to me for a reason, that it is all Love and that it will remind me that I am also Love. This "interaction" between myself and this reader has a purpose for both of us, again to remind each of us that we are Love. If you read my book and you become angry, your reaction is one of fear, and that reaction is a blessing for you. Whether you choose to explore your reaction is up to you. I do not have anything invested in whatever way you choose, and I am not angry if you continue to dislike the book. I ask in the Author's note near the end of the book the following: " Do you think that this book and its message is a bunch of bunk?" I am not asking this because I believe this about what has come through me. I know that what I have written is not the path for everyone. There are as many paths as there are individuals, but all of these branches lead to the one trunk, which is Love. To know God, who is Love, we must come through and recognize ourselves as Love. When I write in the Author's note that it is a blessing if you dislike the book, I mean it. Contrast is created when someone really likes the book and someone else dislikes it. That contrast reveals God. It forces us to look deeper and find Him. If everyone liked the book, there would not be the appearance of differences. Then there would only be the One. The One is revealed through the contrast and appearance of differences. Each of us is individual manifestations of the One. Before we entered this particular part of the dream,we agreed, as the One, that we would provide this contrast for each other. So I agreed to be black and the person disliking the book agreed to be white, each of us knowing that we would provide the manna for the other to see the contrast and remember. The One helping the One. Whether you like or dislike the book, you are helping both of us to remember.


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