I am Therefore I am: September 2008

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How Have We Arrived Here?

As a followup to my last post, it is helpful to see how we have arrived at this point in the dream. Collectively, as the one Son of God, we have turned our face from Him, from our own true nature. As the pain of Longing has intensified, we have tried to fill this pain by numerous means. One of my previous posts mentioned how addicted we are to sugar, and this addiction is a feeble and failing attempt to replace the sweetness of His Love. In addition to sugar, we have tried to fill that infinite hole of Longing with drugs and alcohol, Internet addiction, workaholism, etc. And one addiction that most of us share is the addiction to materialism. As we acquire more and more, we become increasingly frustrated and despondent as money and material goods do not fill that hole, so we try to acquire more money in a futile effort. Pity the super rich person who has everything that could be acquired and still feels that hole, for they realize that the search for more had no meaning. For them this is either a time of awakening or suicidal despair. Money has nothing to do with the Longing, which is filled only through your relationship and Love with God. You can be reach or poor and find your true joy in Him. So here we are in this illusion, which is now crumbling. We are here because everyone wanted more, more money, more houses, more goods. Because they were so disconnected from themselves and God, they made decisions out of fear. They took risks and did things that were part of the herd mentality, because everyone else was doing these things. When you do not know your Oneness, you move with the herd, just like a bunch of gazelles running wild out of fear as they are chased by lions. They thought that they were safe as part of the herd, but this is just another illusion. Your safety comes from your recognition of your relationship with God. Now the house of cards is falling, because it never had any support. Nothing based on fear has support --- it is an illusion, it is not real. But if you continue to believe in this house of cards as real, the fear is just beginning for you. It is no accident that you are here in this dream at this appointed time. This is the time of your awakening, the time that you have chosen. What do you choose to do at this holy time?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Foundations of the World Are Crumbling

Because this world is illusory, it rests on a foundation of sand. This foundation has shown signs of cracks for a number of years, but now we are at the beginning where the whole structure will be coming down. The financial panic has only just begun, and it will spread in to everything, like a spark in an overgrown forest. What is overgrown here is our false beliefs about who we are. Everyone thinks this is a financial problem, but few see the spiritual underpinnings. It is spiritual, because everything is spiritual, everything is God. Collectively we have agreed to this forthcoming hurricane in order to help us remember who we really are. Whether it had to come to this is a moot point, for we are here. Individually and collectively we have manifested this scenario within the dream so that we will receive a "shock" to our memory. If you think this world is real, you will become increasingly fearful as these events unfold. But it does not have to be this way. Use these events as a contrast to show you what is Real, to show you that you are One with God and that you never separated from Him. This world, this dream, is a manifestation of our belief in separation. Because we believe that we sinned, we also believe that we should be punished. And in some respects, what we have called forth with the upcoming hurricane is our punishment. We believe that we should suffer to atone for our sins against God. But you see how one illusion --- the belief that we are separate --- leads to another illusion that we should be punished. And it leads to the belief that this world is real, which leads to great fear. You can depart from this dream of fear anytime you choose when you see yourself as One with God. When you do this, the world is no longer real and you no longer have fear over the events that are unfolding.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Haven't all of us done certain actions because we felt like we should? Where does this belief that we have to do something come from inside of us? It comes from a false self, a self that is constantly looking for affirmation that it even exists. When we do something because we feel that we should, it is as if we are earning points. We are being a "good" boy or girl, meeting expectations of others. Just as we believed as a child that we had to do certain things and meet the expectations of our parents, we carry that belief over in how we deal with God. We believe in a system of reward and punishment, that somehow we have to "earn" our place in the grand scheme of things. We believe that we have to earn God's grace. There are no shoulds. That is a false belief that you carry. God requires nothing of us, for if he did, He would be requiring something of Himself. We are fulfilling our role perfectly by being an expression of Him. And we do things out of joy, not out of obligation.


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