I am Therefore I am: February 2009

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking Outside Yourself

Why do we constantly look to others to save us? President Obama has a great Light in and around him, and people are placing their hopes on him. But they are also placing their heavy expectations. They expect that he will solve all of their problems in quick fashion. But there are several problems with this outlook. First, purely from a worldly perspective, these problems were not created overnight. But more importantly, we need to look at these problems from a higher perspective, not a worldly one. Albert Einstein said that you can't solve a problem in the same field of consciousness in which the problem was created. So you can't solve this economic crisis by throwing more money at the situation or by trying to fix the problem. This "problem" is a spiritual issue. Everything is a spiritual issue, not what it appears --- an economic problem, a racial problem, etc. This turmoil we are encountering now is collectively, as the One, what we have decided our course of action to be.

So if you, as part of the One, have decided this to be the course of action, then you have personal responsibility for what is happening. Don't cast the blame on anyone else, and don't look to anyone else, including the President to fix the problem. It is not fixable until you see it from a different perspective, until you no longer see it as a problem that you, as a body, are encountering. Because you are not a body! Looking to the government to fix this is no different than looking to a pastor or priest or rabbi to teach you about God or to be your intermediary to God. You give your power away when you do this. You believe that you are small, separate, and sinful, and you would never think that you could talk to God directly. Heaven forbid you entertain the thought that you are One with God. But you are. The answers to this crisis --- the answers to everything lie within you.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Spiritual Search and Enlightenment

There may be a number of people who read this post and get angry. And that is good! Because when you have a reaction to something, it is an invitation to explore why you have the reaction and ultimately, to drop the false belief that has created the reaction. If you see yourself on a search for enlightenment, whatever form that may be (and we will come back to that), then you are trying to run toward something. Which means that you are running AWAY from something else. You are running away from your present life, how you see yourself, your concept of perfection, your concept of God, etc. Anytime we run away from something we are seeing with eyes of Duality, not Unity. God is All, so when you search for something different, you put one thing as better or more preferable than another. This gives the impression of a split that cannot occur, for God is One, God is All, and you are part of that Oneness. You are part of that perfection. So when we see differences, we see from a split mind --- that doesn't really exist. It is this split mind which undertakes the search for something better, because this split mind, knowing at some level that it is not real, has to constantly reinforce itself.

So enlightenment is not something separate from you. If you are All as part of God, you must already possess this thing which you search for. But possess is not the right word. You ARE this thing which you search for. So it is just a recognition you need to make. There is and can be no change. Now, there are many ways that you can fool yourself by not recognizing the search that you are on. Because if you keep searching and keep fooling yourself, you will never have to "face the music." You believe that facing the music will be very hard, painful, and punishing by God as He sees your "sins." But none of this is true. Yes, there may be a little angst as you release false beliefs, but there is joy, love, perfection, and wholeness on the other side. This is what you already are --- it is just a matter of recognition. So what are you searching for? Even if it is not enlightenment, maybe it is a good companion, a better career. It can be any number of things. Don't be fooled by the form in which you search. Searching for something like a companion or job is no different than searching for enlightenment. Now people will say that living in the world means that you have a job, a spouse, etc., and sometimes we change jobs, get married. This is true, but take a close look at your search. Are you dissatisfied with your current situation, for this is eyes of Duality. Change that comes as part of the River of Life means that you recognize the perfection as you are but you are open to change within that perfection. It is a subtle but important difference.


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