I am Therefore I am: March 2011

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Looks Past

Love looks past all judgment. If you judge yourself, that is not what Love (God) sees. If you judge another, you are not seeing through eyes of Love. When you judge, whether that be judgment of yourself or another, it is always about an action, an appearance, something spoken, even a thought. It is always about something a body does. If you see yourself as a body, and you see others as bodies, then your view and experience is one of separation. Unity and separation are incompatible terms. It has to be one or the other. How can God be One if there are bodies with "space" between these bodies? What animates that space --- is it just dead space? How can there be a break in something that is unified?

By definition, unity is one. There are no differences in unity. If you see differences, are you seeing what Love (God) sees? Are you seeing what Jesus saw? How can it be that Jesus forgave his crucifiers? Could it be that Jesus saw even the most horrible scene ---one in which he was squarely in the middle of --- could it be that his saw his own crucifixion as Love. How else could he have forgiven those who crucified him? If Jesus could take one of the most horrible experiences (anyone would be hard pressed to agree that it wasn't) and see it as Love, then what does this mean for each of us? It tells us what is possible! If Jesus could see only Love under those circumstances, surely we can do the same under less "adverse" circumstances. Can you do this is someone hurts your feelings? Can you do this if someone lies to you? What if your significant other cheats on you? Now, I can read many of your thoughts, and they go something like this. "Well, if I forgive that person, or I try to see it as Love, then they are getting off the hook." But there are several issues with this line of thinking. First, the other person is not suffering by you holding a grudge --- you are. It is destroying your peace, not theirs. But forgiveness, when viewed within the context of God's Love, goes much farther than this. Forgiveness is not saying to someone that this act happened but I am not going to be mad at you anymore. What kind of forgiveness has strings attached? Love looks past. Love does not see the event as you previously saw it. This is true forgiveness. When you change your mind about what happened, the "rift" between you and that person is permanently healed. Love has filled the vacuum where before there was fear and hate. Actually, Love was always there --- the clouds of hate and fear evaporate and now it is revealed in its glory. As we continue to surrender to this process, a wonderful thing happens. The more we stay in Love, the more Love is revealed to us. What I am saying is that once we have set our wheels on that track, once our intention becomes clear to God and the Universe, the faster we move toward that goal. The goal is to see past differences to Love, all the time, just as Jesus walked this earth. This is where our peace and joy lie.

Now, I want to give one caution that I hope will save you a lot of angst. Many of you have already set your wheels on this track, and when they slip off, which is what they will do, you beat yourself up for that. Basically, you judge yourself for judging another, for not being good enough, etc. First, your wheels will fall off the track, because it is part of the process in moving back toward God. So if it is part of that process, you can relax and surrender into those times when you are not centered. Also, beating yourself up is the worst thing you can do. Let's say that you are having a lot of negative judgments of others. Well, if you judge yourself for doing that, you are doing the very thing that you are trying to get away from! Heaping judgment on judgment creates a downward spiral that makes it hard to release what you were trying to release before you judged yourself. Remember, you are Love, and Love looks past everything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love is Gentle

God's Love is gentle, like a warm wave washing over us, cleansing us of all our false beliefs that we are not good enough. It can be very difficult for those of us who live in this world to feel the gentleness of this Love, as we live in and we are bombarded by the opposite, which is judgment. Judgment is harsh, regardless of whether it is "minor" or disguised as something else. All judgment is self judgment, even when it appears to be projected to someone or something "outside " of you, and if you can understand this fully, you will save yourself a great deal of angst. But the gentleness of God's Love washes away all of this judgment. It allows us to fully relax into Him, to know that everything will be okay, because everything IS OKAY. It cannot be anything other than perfect. You are not the role you play in this dream. Just as if you are an actor in a play, just as a child plays pretend, the role can be fun if you are aware that it is a role. Or it can be terrifying if you don't realize that it is only a role you are playing. But the role is NOT who you are. You are the Beloved, and God is waiting for you. The gentleness of His Love reminds us of that. Even if the clouds of despair are around you, the light of the Son shines brightly on the other side. When we remember that this brightness is there, it dissipates the clouds. Even if this is only momentary, it is enough, because now we know that the Son is what is real.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Whether you realize it or not, you are in constant prayer, because you are in constant communion with God. God is One, and you are never separate from Him. We have a never ending stream of thoughts or consciousness that is running through us. Some of these thoughts are at the conscious level, but many are not, as we have many subconscious beliefs and "programs" running that affect how we see the world. Regardless of whether we are aware of them, our thoughts and beliefs can only go one of two directions --- "toward" God or "away" from Him. Basically, our thoughts are ones of love (this includes compassion, generosity, kindness, empathy, etc), or they are the opposite, which is fear. There can be no in between. If God is One, then He/She is all that exists. So if our thoughts are ones of Love, and God is Love, we are aligning fully with Him. Through our thoughts (and subsequently through our actions), we are affirming the reality of Him, our oneness with Him, and with true reality --- heaven on earth.

Now, let's talk about fear thoughts. We have all experienced fear and fear thoughts to some degree, as fear is present in the collective consciousness of the world. We cannot get fully away from it as each of us is a part of that collective consciousness. If God is Love, and God is all that is, then what happens when there are fear thoughts? We must be experiencing a state that cannot exist but one which appears to exist through our belief. Our beliefs are very powerful --- what you believe will come "true" and manifest in appearance for you. If you believe that the world is an evil place, then this is what will "be seen" by you. Your eyes don't interpret. Your beliefs create the "reality" you see, which you then think is true because you "saw" it. The dog chasing his tail scenario. So back to the fear thoughts. If you have these, you will see a world which makes you afraid or fearful. But we know that God is Love, and we know that God is all that is. If you are having fear thoughts, you must not be thinking with your true thoughts. These are only thoughts which you give your belief to, making them appear real to you. If you withdraw your belief, if you no longer have fear thoughts, then the world will no longer appear fearful to you.

The topic of this post is prayer. Most people think of prayer as a specific act at a specific time (you talk to God, you go to worship, etc). But prayer is happening all the time, as through your thoughts you are moving "toward" or "away" from God. You can be in constant communion with Him, and you can recognize this, or you can be in constant communion with Him, and you can not recognize it. See the communion, the unity, never ends, because we are One with Him. But we can recognize, by witnessing our thoughts, whether we are in that space of love or fear. What happens when we are able to release the fear thoughts, even if for short periods? Love fills this vacuum, and we become what we are, which is also Love. When we exist in our true state, then we feel His presence constantly, because there is nothing blocking our awareness of unity. This is true prayer, prayer that is from the heart as our love for Him fills our being. This is communion. Look at this word, a synergy of comm and union. We exist, we communicate with God, through holy union.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Info on Divine Speaks Facebook Page

As the creator of the Divine Speaks website and the administrator of this page, I want to very respectfully ask that all postings on the Facebook page be positive and that they not promote one religious view or belief system to the exclusion of another. Someone once asked Mother Teresa if she would attend an anti war rally, and she said no, but if there were a peace rally she would be there. She was for EVERYTHING and against nothing. God is All, so if are against anything, we are against Him. And if we are against Him, we are against ourselves, because He expresses through us. One of the purposes of the website is to help you to reawaken to the Unity of which you are a part. Love sees no differences (or rather sees the differences but knows they are not real), and you are that Love.



Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Tools to Heal

God always provides us with the tools to heal. If you are in a place in your life and you are lost and/or you need some help, then you have to ask for help. If you have already done that and you don't feel that it has been provided, you are not recognizing the help that is there for you, or you are resisting that help at some level. We strive for authenticity and wholeness, because as we move back to God in our remembrance, we increasingly become more of who we are (authenticity), and we move from a belief in separation to one of unity (wholeness). In order to be authentic and whole, we have to heal in all areas --- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. All of these are really "spiritual" in truth, because God is all that exists, but while we exist in a body it appears that we are working on these different areas. This means that you can't move toward a recognition of wholeness unless all of these areas are actively being worked on. You can only go so far if any of these four is neglected. It doesn't work to pray all day if you never get any exercise. Maybe you eat healthy, work out, and pray but you do not express your emotions in a healthy way. A large majority of the world is not able to know how they feel and/or express their emotions in a healthy manner. This does not mean that you never express anger, but it does mean that you know where that anger comes from (not the surface level event you are expressing anger at). The emotions are very important, because God is Love, a noun. But God is expressed in this dream through action --- Love becomes a verb. So we come to know God, to know Love, through the understanding and expression of our emotions. The mental is very important as well. Your role in this dream is very likely an active one. You are not meant to live in a cave. So through your job or your service your mind stays sharp. When all four areas --- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual --- are actively integrated and worked on, we move toward wholeness and completeness.

When we are needing something in an area, God provides that boost or help. But we have to look for the signs. Maybe you are a 50 year old couch potato and you "happen" to hear about a physical fitness trainer who works well with older people. Maybe we have become stuck in old emotional patterns and we need some help. We can't afford a therapist, but someone mentions a book that has tools we can do at home to clear some of these old beliefs. Maybe we keep dreaming of doing crossword puzzles, which we need to keep us mentally sharp. For those who see themselves on a spiritual path, the signs may be easier to recognize, because you are looking for them. But even in this arena, you may have beliefs which limit you on recognition of a sign to take a detour in this path. Have you always considered yourself centered in Christ and Buddhist hints keep appearing to you?

The point is that you will be provided the help you need, and you want to be looking for that help in everything. This means your dreams, the people you meet, an article which draws your attention, a hawk that flies across and almost hits your car, the in and out of your breath, the way the sun feels on your skin, everything. Remember the all or none proposition. God cannot be partially in some things and not in others. He is in everything, and his hints and tools to heal can come through everything and everyone.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blessings From Others

To continue on my message from yesterday, if everything is a blessing, then you must be a blessing to those you encounter, and you are a blessing to them. I want to mention a theme that you consistently see throughout my writings. This is the all or nothing theme --- you can't be partially pregnant. You can't be partially sinful, you can't be partially holy, you can't be partially one with God. It is one or the other, and this applies here. Everyone you encounter acts as a blessing for you, everyone, as you do for them. This includes the most casual of encounters, when you pass someone in the street, or you share an elevator ride. These encounters are as much a blessing as those which are lifelong relationships. Anytime God meets God, it is holy. One of the keys to spiritual growth is to recognize the "spiritual" in everything and as everything. Look for holiness and blessings in every moment. If you think that these blessings only happen some of the time, then you are not seeing Unity.

It may take you a while to experience the Unity of everything, but what you can do is to continue reminding yourself that this person, that person, this grocery store visit, that smile, are all holy blessings. It is a recognition that you need to make over and over until you remember this is really true. You can see and experience God within everything, because God is truly within everything. This takes little effort. What takes effort is to pretend that you and everyone else are something you are not. You are exerting a lot of energy to believe that you are actually this role you play in the dream when it is much easier to be who you are. When we come from a space of reality in our daily encounters, we very much act as a blessing for those we encounter, because your being who you truly are reminds that person who they truly are. It is kind of like illusion breeds more illusion and truth is just self evident.

So how do we get to this space of authenticity so that we can be the best blessing we can in the world? We open up like a clear vessel and allow God to come to the forefront. And how do we do that? Well, a clear vessel is clear. All of your judgments are what creates a muddied vessel. It is hard to see God in someone when you are judging that person. And when you are judging yourself, it is hard to see God within you. All judgment is self judgment, even when it appears that it is directed to someone "outside" of you. But that is a topic for another day. At this point, what is very helpful to do is to witness your judgments. Again, it is a matter of making a recognition over and over. As you continue to recognize when you are judging, the vessel becomes more clear, and you shine in this world as you came here to do.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Blessings abound. Everything is a blessing, even if it doesn't seem that way to you. It may appear to you as a lemon, but God has a way of making everything lemonade. In every situation, regardless of how horrific it appears, there is your highest good. How can it be otherwise? If there were truly "good" and "bad" experiences or circumstances, if this was reality, then there would be a split. If there is a split, then there cannot be Unity and God is not One. The paradox of life is that we make choices which appear to lead us down the "right" or "wrong" path, but we can never be separate from God. We undertake a journey of remembrance back to Him, not an actual journey. So the choices we make are just choices on how we want to remember. Our final destination is secure, because we have never left that Unity.

When we look at our life from this higher perspective, we realize that everything is a blessing, because everything is brought to us to help us remember. If we make a choice which appears to be "bad" or "wrong", we are just taking a little longer route to the same destination. But regardless of whether our choices are "good" or "bad", everything adjusts to our choice. What I mean is that all of your experiences and interactions readjust to the choice you made so that now you are on the most direct path to where you have chosen to go in this dream, which is probably back to Him if you are reading this. It is your dream, and you bring those people and experiences to you which will take you where you have chosen to go. So now, even though you made a "bad" choice, you are back on the direct line of remembrance again. If you make another "bad" choice, everything readjusts again so that you are on the direct line. My point is that you cannot make bad choices when you view your life from this perspective --- everything is a blessing. So stop beating yourself up for your choices and rejoice that you are exactly where you need to be, making the choices you need to make, all in perfect Unity.


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