I am Therefore I am: April 2011

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


There has been some question or confusion as to some of the statements about anger on the Divine Speaks website and on this blog. Anger is an emotion, and like all of our emotions, it can be a great teacher if we let it. As I have stated before, God is Love, the noun. When Love becomes manifest in this dream, it becomes a verb. It is difficult to know God and His Love if we are closed down emotionally. Each of us needs to be able to express our emotions in a healthy manner. If we can step back and witness our reaction to things, often we are able to trace back where the reaction comes from. This is especially true about anger. We are rarely angry at what may appear to be the obvious surface event. If we witness our anger, we can observe, without judgment, and we may be blessed with a recognition that starts us on the path to healing. If you read my book, you will see how this is very true. I was a very angry person for a long time, and I would get mad over the smallest things, just like a child. And in fact I was reacting like a child, because emotionally I was frozen at a much earlier age. I had never been able to express the anger for the traumatic event that happened to me. When I finally traced my "sideways" anger back to that event and was able to express anger over it, I was healed and my sideways anger went away. The source had been removed. Bear this in mind when you deal with people who have a lot of anger, and especially bear this in mind if you are a person with a lot of anger. Understanding why you or someone else has so much anger, even if you don't know the specifics (and you may not know or remember what has caused you to be so angry), can generate great compassion instead of judgment. If you have a lot of anger and you can be compassionate and non judgmental with yourself, you have opened the door for God to heal you.

Anger is an important part of the path when you are both healing emotionally and growing spiritually. If you refuse to express your anger because you have some belief, known or unknown, that it is not spiritual to have anger, or sometimes in the case of women that it is not appropriate for you to be angry, then anger that is repressed will become depression. So anger is important, but this does not give us carte blanche to tell everyone to stick it. You come to a point in your path with God when you realize that the last thing you want to do is hurt someone else's feelings. Cause and effect do not appear to us to be instantaneous, but they are, as this was how Jesus performed miracles. So we do not see the effects of our actions and thoughts and how instantaneously this creates a ripple effect to everyone around us and especially the person we are getting angry with. If we could see how powerful and strong our words and thoughts are, there would be much less anger and hurting of feelings. Additionally, if we could see from a perspective of the One, then we would realize that our harmful thoughts and words are only hurting ourself.

If you are growing in your remembrance back toward God, there will be times that you get angry with Him. You are working through and releasing false beliefs about your relationship with Him and your ego does not give up its influence easily. Many people do not think they can get angry with God because they fear Him and His punishment if they get angry. But God is Love. He loves you regardless of what you do, what you are, what you think, etc. He is not a human parent who has conditions on his love. Unconditional means there are no conditions to earn His Love. It is there, no matter what happens, eternally.

So how do we balance the fact that we need to be able to express our anger with the fact that we don't want to hurt feelings. Well, certainly with God you do not have to worry about hurting His feelings. You can let it go full blast --- He wants this as there is less of the false you there to block His Love. But in regard to anger at other people, it is a balancing act. If you can catch yourself becoming angry, ask yourself whether it is more important to blast the other person, hurting their feelings, or is it more important for you to express your anger in a less hurtful way. You can find out a lot about yourself and how far you have come by the internal response you get. As we do in many instances, we look to Jesus as an example. Jesus became angry at the moneychangers in the temple. But I strongly believe that his anger came from Love. His words and tone were such that in this instance, he taught the truth through anger, but it was done in a completely non hurtful manner. Because he knew himself as one with All that is, he would have never hurt others as he would have only been hurting himself. Anger happened to be the best vehicle for making these people understand what they were doing. The Love he had for these people (because he was nothing but Love, having recognized himself as one with God) was expressed through anger. In most other times he expressed Love through "love". Love can be expressed by being sad, being kind, being angry, etc. Love does not look a certain way. It has many appearances in this world, but they are all Love, as there can be nothing else.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

You Only Feel Guilty When ......

Have you ever noticed the times you become angry if you are accused of something? The accusation can be a minor or a major one. It can be direct or subtle and implied. It is your reaction that matters, because if you become angry, you are feeling guilty. There are no exceptions. Most people say that they become angry because they are being falsely accused of something, but this is false. You only become angry if you believe what you are being accused of. If you did not believe it, you would just blow it off as nothing. This is why Jesus never became angry. He knew that what he was being accused of was not true. He had a God perspective as he knew that this world is only a dream and what occurs in it (judgment, accusations, anger, fear) is false. Not only is it false, it doesn't even exist. Dreams go away. Nightmares go away. This world is a big nightmare if you believe it is real, because you are living in fear. Only when we turn to what is real can we be saved.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Your Path to God

As I have written before, the truth that God is One is a very important one in remembering who you are. For God is One does not mean that there is one God. It means that God is all there is. There is nothing else! This has ramifications in a lot of areas, but the one I want to talk about today is your path to God. If God is all there is, then all paths lead to God, because all paths are God. So your path, although it may appear different in belief versus others, is contained within the whole that holds all paths. Your path is not "better" or "worse" than another path. The great mistake that some religions and some individuals make is that they believe they have Truth. Everyone has Truth, everyone is Truth, but you do not hold a truth that is "right" while others are "wrong". Truth is. It is self evident. It is not up for opinion or belief, because these are temporary and can change in every instant. Truth, God, is changeless and eternal. On this blog but especially on the Facebook page for the Divine Speaks website, I have mentioned that anything can be posted as long as it is for something, not against anything. I have mentioned the story of someone asking Mother Teresa if she would attend an anti war rally. She said no but if they would have a peace rally, she would be there. So this is a very important distinction. God is All. If we are against anything, we are against a part of Him, and we are reinforcing separation instead of confirming unity. The following may seem paradoxical, but life is one big paradox. It is possible for you to resonate or like one path (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc) while affirming all paths. You may think that if you follow a certain path that you are automatically denying other paths, but this is a false belief. Your path is a root on the tree of God, and there are as many roots as there are individuals and belief systems, which is a bunch. What you may not realize is that you "switch" roots or paths as you move closer to the trunk. Your beliefs evolve and change, and it is only when you reach the trunk that you merge with all the other roots and become one Truth. For those who are very hardened in their beliefs, their root can literally wither and die as they are not allowing God's nutrients (truth) to reach them and sustain them.


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