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Friday, May 23, 2008

Love's Many Appearances

Although I have written a book and blogs that can be deep and introspective, I live fully in life. By that I mean that I am engaged in daily activities that the world requires of me. Specifically, I work in sales in a family business, and my wife and I have 4 kids that are engaged in numerous activities. Parenting is one of the best ways to discover your divine nature, as great patience and reflection is needed. So my spirituality is not separate from my life. It weaves in and out of my daily activities, and I think that is the nature of a spiritual warrior in these times. In the past mystics and prophets were seen as separate and special, and it was like they were on a mountaintop. Well, in these times all of us are meant to go to the mountaintop and then bring that perspective back to the valley. The subject of this blog comes from the perspective that Love is behind all appearances. It is not only compassion and kindness. It is anger, hatred, cancer, etc. Our family is going to Hawaii this summer, and I had contracted with an individual to rent his condo for part of the trip. I had sent a deposit last year, and our plans have changed, so I asked for the deposit back, as I was within the time frame we could receive a full refund. This guy does not want to give it back, although he has not said that. But he ignores my emails, and the two times he has answered his cell phone, he has promised to send it. It has been 3 weeks since I requested it, and I finally left him a message to day that he has one week to get it to me or face the consequences. I will put up a website that has the exact search info he has when he is promoting his condo, and I will tell everyone to steer away from him. Do I get temporarily mad at him? Yes, but I will not stay there, as I know this state is not real, and peace will not be present there. Before leaving my message, I asked for guidance in what to say, and I asked to come from a space of Love. I want to get my money back, but I do not want to demean another person, because in reality that is me. At a personality level, he is probably a jerk and dishonest, but that is just an appearance. What is really there is Love. And my words, no matter how they sounded on the surface, were Love. It doesn't have to sound like Love to be Love. It is Love by nature. So as you go through the world, do the activities that you need to do from that spot of centering within you, that divine Love within you. When you act from that Love, you may or may not call someone in what appears to be anger. It is an individual choice in each moment. But remember that it can not be anything but Love.


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