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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The myth of karma

The belief in karma is the belief that what you to do someone else will come back around to you. If you are cruel to an individual in a certain lifetime, that individual will be part of another lifetime with you so that he or she can be cruel to you. This is the way that everything gets balanced out. But karma operates within the illusion of something happening in the future. This is the illusion of time. There is no future, because only the present moment exists, and in that one holy moment, we have never left God. Thus reincarnation and different lifetimes are part of the dream of separation. Someone may see reincarnation as a higher perspective than having the belief that our total existence is what we have here on earth, but it is still all part of the illusion of time and space. Karma can best be decribed as memory and belief. We have a memory of something that was done to us or that we did in a previous life, and our belief in needing to "balance" that act is what creates the situation where we attempt to balance it. Our belief is what creates this particular "reality," but this is not reality. When we come to the knowing that these lifetimes and these acts are only a dream, then we release the belief that anything has to be balanced. We release the belief that we can be harmed in any way and that we can harm someone else. Attack exists only in the illusion. We cannot harm someone else because we are not separate from them. There is no one else to harm. There is only God, and we are part of that Oneness. There is only one of us. Why would we harm ourself?


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