I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love and the Expansion of Creation

Until several years ago, I used to believe that when I met somebody and had even a short conversation with them, it was meant to be a conversation that covered spiritual topics. It was almost like I had an obligation, a burden from God, to do this. And sometimes I resented that. I believed that I could help them and that it was for their own good. What a false belief that was! I won't say that it came from arrogance, but it came from a belief that I had something special, something that others did not always have. This was a belief that was inseparably linked with my belief in separation. I saw everyone as separate from me, and I also saw a distinction between spiritual and non spiritual. By talking to them I was bringing them in to the spiritual realm. Our belief in separation from each other and from God has roots that extend out to the farthest reaches. The good news is that we have only one belief to release, that belief in separation. When we release that belief, it solves all of our "problems." Instead of all of those roots extending off a weed, they extend off a trunk of Love. Remember, one "problem," one answer. Now, my conversations go wherever they go. What freedom it is to allow the River of Life to carry you gently. It doesn't matter if the conversation turns "spiritual," because it is all spiritual. It is all One. There are no differences in Love. When I speak from Love, I am speaking from the One, regardless of the content. In fact, I think that my non "spiritual" conversations have more effect than "spiritual" ones. For a lot of people, talking about anything spiritual brings up fear, which closes them off to the Love. If our conversation is about the mundane, yet I speak from Love, I am reminding that person that they are also Love. As they remember that they are Love, it helps me to remember that I am Love, because we are One. So it is a never ending circle. This is how Creation unfolds and expands.


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