I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The New Garden of Eden

God wants us to love him by our own choice. He does not require anything. As His love is freely given to us, he is completed when that Love is freely given back to Him. No expectations. In order to know Himself, Herself, as Love, God desired that we would have the appearance of choice in order to turn away and then back to Him. I say appearance, because we can never be separate from God. But in order for God to have an experience of Himself, the appearance of separation was necessary. So when Adam desired the knowledge from The Tree of Life in order to make his own choices, God did not intervene. This was a necessary part of the journey. As subsequent choices were made by us, most with the appearance of turning ourselves away from God, God was saddened but not angry. For a God of Love does not get angry at the subject of His Love. God knew, that in order for us to have an appreciation of His Love, we needed to experience what it was like to feel absent from that Love. Instead of committing a "sin," the act in the Garden was necessary. So in this journey of many eternities, as we have "moved" farther away from His Love, the longing to return to who we are in Oneness calls us back. The "farther" we get away from it, the stronger the pull to return. And when we return, we are coming back fully of our own free will. It is drawing closer in time to experience the true Garden of Eden. This is a place where we have the knowledge that we can make choices, and we choose to stay fully present in the recognition of our Oneness and Love with God. All of our choices are made from a space of His Love. We are truly Cocreators in this new Garden of Eden. There is no appearance of separation between Heaven and Earth, and we live in paradise, experiencing ourself as Love.


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