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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Sin, Separation, Judgment, Unity, etc

What do sinlessness, anger, judgment, beliefs, differences, fear, separation, and unity all have in common? What is the thread that runs through them? Let's make it very easy. There exists only unity and the belief in an absence of unity (separation) --- i.e anger, judgment, differences, fear, sin (absence of sinlessness). Those I just listed are a byproduct of a mind which believes in separation. From this mind comes all beliefs. Most people classify some beliefs as good (i.e belief in God, belief in Love) and bad (anger, judgment, fear, sin, etc.). But all beliefs comes from a mind which believes this world, this illusion is real. When we believe in something (some thing), we are automatically reinforcing separation, because this some thing is "outside" of us. Unity, by definition, reflects no differences. Either we are unified as One with God and everything, or we are separate. There is no middle ground --- you can't be partially unified, nor can you be unified completely just some of the time. So the choice simply comes down to whether you believe in unity or separation from God. If you believe in unity, and there is no partiality as I just stated, what doed that mean for you? Think about that. Unity confirms that God is One, and you are part of that Oneness. So when you look around the world and you see differences everywhere, from what mind are you thinking --- the Mind of God (because you are One with that), or an ego mind?

Remember, no partiality. So if you see differences, and I would bet that you do, how can that be? Well, you must be seeing with a mind that is not real. Just because you see that way all the time, and everyone around you affirms this way of seeing, doesn't mean that this is Truth. How does this false mind exist? It exists because you believe in it. We are cocreaters with God, and we were created from thought by God. Since you are part of the Oneness, your thought is very powerful, whether you are creating from the Mind of God or whether you are miscreating. When you withdraw your belief in what is false, the ego mind falls away and you are left with who you truly are. In unity there is only the One. There are no differences. This means that there is no categorizing, no judgments (no sin, no fear, no anger, etc.). And there are no beliefs, because there is nothing outside of you. There is only the One.

Now you are probably saying that you cannot reach this "high" state. But this is not a "high" state (remember there are no differences). More importantly, how can you not reach something that you already are? You expend a great deal of energy being something that you are not. It is easy being who you are --- just be it. What exists in this unified or"flatline" state? Well, what exists is the absence of belief (sin, judgment, etc.), which is joy, peace, and immense Love, because you see your Self, you see God, all around you.


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