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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Tools to Heal

God always provides us with the tools to heal. If you are in a place in your life and you are lost and/or you need some help, then you have to ask for help. If you have already done that and you don't feel that it has been provided, you are not recognizing the help that is there for you, or you are resisting that help at some level. We strive for authenticity and wholeness, because as we move back to God in our remembrance, we increasingly become more of who we are (authenticity), and we move from a belief in separation to one of unity (wholeness). In order to be authentic and whole, we have to heal in all areas --- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. All of these are really "spiritual" in truth, because God is all that exists, but while we exist in a body it appears that we are working on these different areas. This means that you can't move toward a recognition of wholeness unless all of these areas are actively being worked on. You can only go so far if any of these four is neglected. It doesn't work to pray all day if you never get any exercise. Maybe you eat healthy, work out, and pray but you do not express your emotions in a healthy way. A large majority of the world is not able to know how they feel and/or express their emotions in a healthy manner. This does not mean that you never express anger, but it does mean that you know where that anger comes from (not the surface level event you are expressing anger at). The emotions are very important, because God is Love, a noun. But God is expressed in this dream through action --- Love becomes a verb. So we come to know God, to know Love, through the understanding and expression of our emotions. The mental is very important as well. Your role in this dream is very likely an active one. You are not meant to live in a cave. So through your job or your service your mind stays sharp. When all four areas --- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual --- are actively integrated and worked on, we move toward wholeness and completeness.

When we are needing something in an area, God provides that boost or help. But we have to look for the signs. Maybe you are a 50 year old couch potato and you "happen" to hear about a physical fitness trainer who works well with older people. Maybe we have become stuck in old emotional patterns and we need some help. We can't afford a therapist, but someone mentions a book that has tools we can do at home to clear some of these old beliefs. Maybe we keep dreaming of doing crossword puzzles, which we need to keep us mentally sharp. For those who see themselves on a spiritual path, the signs may be easier to recognize, because you are looking for them. But even in this arena, you may have beliefs which limit you on recognition of a sign to take a detour in this path. Have you always considered yourself centered in Christ and Buddhist hints keep appearing to you?

The point is that you will be provided the help you need, and you want to be looking for that help in everything. This means your dreams, the people you meet, an article which draws your attention, a hawk that flies across and almost hits your car, the in and out of your breath, the way the sun feels on your skin, everything. Remember the all or none proposition. God cannot be partially in some things and not in others. He is in everything, and his hints and tools to heal can come through everything and everyone.


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