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Friday, May 06, 2011

The Feminine, Joy, and Power

You can only experience joy to the extent you are in touch with your feminine side. What do I mean by that? If you are not in touch with your feelings and you live in your head, then you cannot feel the joy that comes from being grounded in your body. The body is the holy temple of God, and if we are not present in our body, we cannot experience those attributes that are our inheritance from God --- joy, peace, and Love. Western society has valued a smart and logical mind over feelings, thus this is a male centered society. The man is the provider, the strong one, etc. A crying man, one who shows his feelings, is considered weak. This is drilled into kids from an early age, and it creates a belief system, a herd mentality, that is hard to break out of.

Showing your feelings does not make you weak --- it makes you strong. An authentic, complete, and whole person, male or female, has a balance between the masculine and the feminine. True power does not mean having more material goods, more intelligence, more guns, more ability to kill. True power comes from knowing your Oneness with God and knowing that this protects you completely. It is the difference between powerfulness and powerlessness. When we attack someone physically, mentally, or verbally, we are being weak. This is an ego strategy --- attack and conquer before the other one does the same to you. When we do not attack because we know that we are all One, then we are truly being powerful. What is best for one person is what is best for the whole. We do not see separation and do not see bodies that can "attack" us.

Unfortunately, the ego belief that everyone is separate and that you must kill or be killed has permeated our view of God for 2000 years. We see Him --- just the masculine pronoun --- as a vengeful and punishing God. Oh we are told He is Love, but few question this discrepancy. Or rather, few understand what unconditional Love means. It is not compatible with vengeance and punishment. It is compatible with softness, compassion, generosity, kindness. These are all feminine qualities which require you to be present in your body, not your head, and have feelings.

If you do not like what I am saying and you want to continue to see God in the old way, it is because you see yourself as needing to be judged. These beliefs may be very deep in your psyche and not conscious to you. God does not see you as needing judgment. He sees you as Love. When you drop these old and outdated beliefs that you should be punished, you feel God's Presence within you and you commune with Him in a much more intimate way. He moves in and through you, and you experience, through your body/feelings, His peace and joy.


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