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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seeing God Within --- Part two

I want to mention a couple more things related to my last blog. First, whether you see through the eyes of the ego or whether you see through the eyes of Christ is a choice. Even if you cannot immediately see the God within that other person due to the hurt or anger, you must want to do that above all else. When you know what Truth is, what is your obligation to yourself, that other person, and to God? You create through your thought. If you want to hold on to the anger in order to punish this person, you are sending out thoughts which do not align with Christ, with Love. When you think you are punishing that other person by holding on to the negative emotion, you are definitely seeing through the eyes of the ego, because you think that you can punish a body "outside" of you while doing nothing to yourself. Of course, because we are One, this is not true. When you want to punish someone else by not letting go, you are really punishing yourself.

By not letting go, you are acting as your own jailer. Only you have the key. If you set your intention with God that you want to see from a higher perspective, forgiving in the sense that I wrote about in the first blog, then this will happen --- even if you don't immediately feel it. When you set an intention of Love, heaven marshals all of its forces to help you. Above all else, what is the reason that you want to release the emotions and forgive what happened? Because holding on to it does not bring you peace! If you hold on, the ego thinks it has won, but that is a lonely victory. The saying that you can be happy or right is very accurate. Letting go brings a flood of peace as well as a great amount of Love for the other person. Because after all, they did this "incident" to you by your request, and from a space of Love.


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