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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anger and Guilt

One of the interesting things about the dialogue I am having with individuals on The Divine Speaks Facebook page is that God guides me to topics through some of the troubles people are posting about.

Anger and guilt are two peas in a pod. It is very natural to feel guilty about getting angry, especially if you have directed that anger at those you love. This certainly was the case for me. But when you feel guilty about getting angry, you are only perpetuating the anger. No one wants to feel guilty about anything. So what the vast majority of people do is project out that guilt to other individuals, groups, nations, etc. If you blame someone for something, you are projecting out your own guilt. It seems that we can project out something and get rid of it, but this is not the case. Just as a ray of the sun is not separate from it source, an idea cannot be separate from the mind which created it. So your guilt cannot be "disposed" of.

Anger is the vehicle through which we attempt to project guilt. But usually what happens is that this anger creates more guilt in us, and the more guilt we feel, the angrier we get. Look at all of the people who have anger that boils over at times. "Boiling over" is a great term for this, because it is literally like keeping a lid on pot of boiling water. It will stay down a large part of the time, but the water will come out. Anger like this is called sideways anger, because you cannot anticipate what will make the lid pop off. This sideways anger appears to be attached to something that happens, but it is not that. It comes from a deep reservoir of anger that springs from guilt or springs from something that occurred in the past, likely childhood issues. Sideways anger cannot be controlled, because it is not related to what is occurring at that moment. What is occurring then is only the trigger for the anger from the past. Anger is always from the past. You are only mad or guilty about something that happened before.

The only way to heal this anger is to discover what the true source of the anger is. Many people will not know the source --- it may be something that happened in childhood that you don't remember as God protected you. But if it is coming up sideways, it is meant for you to heal from it. After you recognize the source, you can then express anger for that source. Anger is not coming up to punish you or make you feel guilty. It is coming up so that you can release it. You are releasing some type of false beliefs, and when you release false beliefs, magic happens! God is there.

Back to the topic of this post, if you feel guilty about expressing anger, recognize that this is not serving you. It is only taking you down a negative spiral. Forgive and have compassion on yourself for the anger. Anger is going to come up while we are here on this earth. So honor it while at the same time recognize that you would prefer to not be an angry person. And as you learn to not feel guilty about your anger, there will be less of it and more of God's peace. This is a process that really never ends. Be easy on yourself as you grow in your remembrance back to God.


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