I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Giving to Others

When you give to others, do you do it because you think that this meets the expectations of your family or maybe society? Do you think this is what God wants from you? Do you do it because this makes you feel better about yourself, maybe that you are needed? What is the motive, if any, behind your giving --- do you get upset if you are not acknowledged for giving so much of yourself?

If there is a motive, then your giving has strings attached, and your giving "takes away" from you. This is the state where you are always feeling depleted and not taking care of yourself. You give, but there is nothing to replenish, and this can breed resentment in you.

When you give simply because you want to, you have an endless supply with which to give. You are energized, not depleted. This giving is spontaneous and filled with joy. It springs up in you, directly supplied by God, as you are the clear vessel through which He spreads Love. This giving is what you really want to do, because this is what you were created to do. We create through the giving of what we are --- Love. As you give from a joy filled center, you are like a fountain with an endless supply of water. The more you give, the more you have to give. The act of giving is what creates more to give. This is G.I.A. --- God In Action. You are Self less, not self full.


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