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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Do You Create More ...

How do you create more of what you want? You create through enthusiasm, gratitude, passion, and joy. These act as fertilizer to the seedling, the idea which you have planted and which you want to grow. Once you think it, you must feel it. Being enthusiastic, being grateful, being passionate, and being joyful is what tells God to proceed full steam ahead. When we fees these qualities as part of our being, we are present, in the now. The now supercharges what you want to create, because when you are feeling the above, you are acting as if  you already have what you want. By affirming what you would feel if you already had what you want, you are actually achieving it now. It may not manifest immediately as Jesus was able to do, but you can see what is possible within the Kingdom. As he said, you can move mountains.

The difficulty for some people in following the above is that they do not see "evidence" or manifestation of what they want to happen. The Sun is hidden by clouds, but you have faith that it is still there. Just because that idea which is your seedling has not popped its head above ground does not mean that it is not growing. If you get discouraged and stop feeling what it would be to create what you want, you are putting your seedling in a drought. And it can die depending on what you do. A lot of people attribute this to God not favoring them, which is really a way of saying that He is punishing them. But God does not punish --- He only loves.

When you want to create something, you must know that you have the power of the gardener. You must continually water and fertilize, and you must know, must truly believe, that the power of creation is at your disposal. Even when appearances show the contrary and it seems that the seedling will never pop its head above ground,  have faith and remember what is real --- you, God, and the power of creation.


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