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Friday, March 01, 2013

Is Sin Permanent?

By definition, whatever is Truth is always Truth. It is Changeless. If you believe in sin as permanent, then it is changeless, and there can never be forgiveness or penance. Under this belief system, you can never come back to God. Therein lays the unspoken dilemma of most religions. When you see that there is not a universally accepted definition of what sin is, then you can open to the Truth tha...t sin is arbitrary and changing, existing only within the eyes of the beholder based on their unique belief system. When you realize this, "sins" become errors that we always have the opportunity to correct. God is Love, and that means He loves us without conditions, always giving us infinite opportunities to recognize our relationshipw with Him and return to Him. His patience is eternal, for He is eternal, and you are eternal. Without question, we will each return to Him. It is only a matter of "time."

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