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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Your Health

Our bodies are the holy temple where God resides. This temple is how He heals the world as He works through us. The more clear the pool of water ---the less our blockages have muddied the pool --- the greater we can hear His voice and guidance and the greater works we can do in His name. Not only do we need to release the emotional, the false beliefs which clog our vessel, we must make sure that the physical is also taken care of. This means exercising and eating non processed, non GMO foods that nourish the body temple. It also means addressing ongoing health concerns that clog the vessel.

Along with several others I am the founder of Cellular Innergy, which has a patent pending protocol for metal detoxification and cellular recalibration. It is very rare that I would mention anything else on these posts, but this is a protocol that is divinely inspired and guided (as are my posts), and we have an unfolding epidemic of diseases and symptoms that are untreatable or undiagnosed by conventional medicine. Look at the huge rise in auto immune diseases, depression, autism, cancer, etc. We believe that many of these have their origin in heavy metal toxicity which combined with the large increase in electromagnetic signals from WiFi, cell phones and towers, microwaves, etc, has severely disrupted the electromagnetic field of the body's cells. This has greatly impaired the immune system and thus the huge increase in health issues. The Cellular Innergy protocol is much more comprehensive, effective, and gentle than current metal detox therapies, and we combine that with an inventive device that recalibrates the frequency of the cells back to their God and healthy functioning design.

If you have been blessed by any of my posts, I would greatly appreciate it if you could like the Cellular Innergy Facebook page. There will be very valuable health info on a number of subjects that will be posted on this page and you would see in your feed. You can also check out the website and protocol at www.cellularinnergy.com.
Thanks and God bless!
Larry Doochin



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