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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What is Perfection

You were created by God, who is perfect. Can you not be perfect as well? You do not see yourself as perfect, because you believe that you are separate from Him. But only Oneness exists --- we cannot be separate from Him. You can believe that you are flawed (not perfect), but your belief does not change Truth. What is your definition of perfection? I guarantee is it different than everyone else's defintion. We each think there is something we have to do to reach perfection, but that is based on our unique self judgments. Again, what constitues perfection? Would you describe a piece of art as perfect? Many would describe Jesus as perfect. But he got angry, he may have felt dislike for others at times, he passed gas, etc. --- he was the Divine expressing through a human body with all of the things this entails. What acts, thoughts, or words would constitute not being perfect? A good defintion of perfection might be the absence of self judgment. When self judgment is not present, we fully know our Oneness with God and feel His Presence. So maybe perfection is more a recognition than something we have to say or think or do.

Lawrence Doochin


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