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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Give The Ego An Inch

Give the ego an inch, and it will take a mile. You have let your mid run rampant with resentment and bitterness, thoughts of what MIGHT happen, thoughts of fear, of victimhood, etc. How can God help you if you don't turn towards Him when these thoughts arise? Is He not the answer to every problem --- to every perceived problem. You must practice some spiritual discipline. You can't stop that initial thought from coming into your head, but you certainly can walk away from the fire instead of adding gas to it. Witness how one thought leads to another, down a nasty trail. When a thought that is not of Him --- basically any thought which is fear based and related to the past or future --- comes into your head (which happens 100% of the time for the vast majority of people), turn your focus immediately to Him.The more you practice doing this, the easier it will become. Eventually, His thoughts will be the ones which are predominant and you will live from great joy and peace.

Lawrence Doochin

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