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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Illusion of Special Love and Hate Relationships

With the appearance of Duality, we have the appearance of opposites. Everything reflects differences through the contrast of opposites --- black and white, night and day, eating healthy and eating unhealthy. Everything has its counterpart so that one is known through the other. This is how God, how the One, knows Himself, knows Herself. We as the Sonship were created for God to experience Himself as Love. But these are only appearances, and we become lost in these appearances, thinking that they are real and that differences exist. There is Love, and Love is God, all that exists. Then there is the illusion of love, which is a worldly love. It is not true love. As an appearance, its opposite is hate. But this is the illusion of hate. So the illusion of love acts as the contrast to the illusion of love. There are very few people in the world who are loving from the true fountain of Love within themselves. Most love relationships are ones that you originate to balance a hate relationship. You see hate and evil in the world and you think it must be balanced by love and compassion. True service does not originate from this space. True service originates from the Love of God which is extending Creation. When you feel the need to be of service, are you seeing the hate, sorrow, hardship, and evil in the world? Do you see that it needs to be "helped," so that it will turn "positive." For if your service originates from this space, you are on a merry go round which you will never get off. You cannot correct the illusion by trying to fix the illusion. You can "correct" the illusion by realizing that it is an illusion and dropping the belief in it. Then you will see Love, not the illusion of love. Funny thing is that your actions may be the same as when you were serving from the illusion of love. You may donate to the famine victims, or you may serve as a volunteer at the nursing home, but your actions, motivations, and your intent will now be coming from a Real space of Love. And this will have a thousand times more powerful effect than actions taken from an illusory standpoint. For with the latter, nothing real is created. But with the former, you are extending Love, and thus you are extending Creation. Plus, those who are the recipient of your service will see the Light within you, because you have come from a space of Love. And that will help them to remember, help them to awaken, and when they awaken, even just partially, the "hardship" they are encountering will no longer be viewed as a hardship. The illusion will fall away, and with it will be the suffering that they encountered. They may still be homeless or destitute, but if you are not in the illusion, that does not matter anymore. When it is not viewed from a perspective of good and bad, any condition is as holy as another. Remember that it is a dream. Suffering only occurs when we resist the condition and view it as real. This special love/hate illusory balance also applies to your relationships, especially those close to you. Take a step back and watch how your mind justifies, spins, and controls that balance. Most of us feel guilty, and if you feel guilty for something "bad" you did in the relationship, you try to balance that with something "good." Bad and good are just better sounding terms, but they reallyy mean love and hate. Yes, it is that harsh within the illusion, for your ego is constantly trying to gain the upper hand and ensure its survival. And your special relationship partner is very likely doing the same thing. It is a big mess that has zero meaning. It is an illusion. When you release guilt, you stop playing this game of trying to keep love and hate in balance. When you release guilt, you know that it is all Love. Your thoughts and your actions are no longer judged. You recognize that you exist only in a Love relationship, a holy relationship where God is present.


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