I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Criticism of I Am Therefore I Am

In the short time it has been out, I have had an overwhelmingly positive response to my book, and I have been very grateful that it has helped people in different ways. I recently read a negative review of my book on Amazon, and this is something that would have bothered me several years ago. But I am in a different place, and I know that everything is brought to me for a reason, that it is all Love and that it will remind me that I am also Love. This "interaction" between myself and this reader has a purpose for both of us, again to remind each of us that we are Love. If you read my book and you become angry, your reaction is one of fear, and that reaction is a blessing for you. Whether you choose to explore your reaction is up to you. I do not have anything invested in whatever way you choose, and I am not angry if you continue to dislike the book. I ask in the Author's note near the end of the book the following: " Do you think that this book and its message is a bunch of bunk?" I am not asking this because I believe this about what has come through me. I know that what I have written is not the path for everyone. There are as many paths as there are individuals, but all of these branches lead to the one trunk, which is Love. To know God, who is Love, we must come through and recognize ourselves as Love. When I write in the Author's note that it is a blessing if you dislike the book, I mean it. Contrast is created when someone really likes the book and someone else dislikes it. That contrast reveals God. It forces us to look deeper and find Him. If everyone liked the book, there would not be the appearance of differences. Then there would only be the One. The One is revealed through the contrast and appearance of differences. Each of us is individual manifestations of the One. Before we entered this particular part of the dream,we agreed, as the One, that we would provide this contrast for each other. So I agreed to be black and the person disliking the book agreed to be white, each of us knowing that we would provide the manna for the other to see the contrast and remember. The One helping the One. Whether you like or dislike the book, you are helping both of us to remember.


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