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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Spiritual Dichotomy of Los Angeles

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in Los Angeles for Book Expo America. Los Angeles exemplifies a split that is somewhat representative of the rest of existence. Historically, there have been many people drawn to this area, and most are probably not aware why. There is a very strong grounding in the natural world because of the combination of the mountains and the ocean. This grounding allows a person to be more in their body, more connected with their true Self and with God. But at the same time, there is a great falsity present there. There is a fixation with the unreal, a fixation with worldy attributes. For a large group of residents there is a strong belief that money, fame, and popularity are what is important. Celebrities, rich businessmen, dealmakers, they are the new God. These worshippers of a false God, not unlike the idol worshippers in ancient times, are spiritually very empty and afraid, and they turn to the world to fill a hole that can only be filled by God. This whole society is fixated with celebrities. This fixation comes from a belief in separation, that somehow these people who are famous are better than you. When you desire to be like them, you desire to be something that you are not, and thus you cut yourself off from the recognition that you are One with God and that you are perfect as you are.What sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes saddens me is that these celebrities are some of the most psychologically dysfunctional people you could meet, so to be looking at them for guidance is incredible. These celebrities are like this because a large number of people have put them on a pedestal, and when this pedestal is believed by the celebrity, it moves them away from their true Self. But let's go back to the Southern California area. There are a small minority of people, like Michael Beckwith and the Agape church (and others,) who have broken through this false worship. As they have found themselves, they have been even more empowered in their divinity by the natural environment present there and by the large contrast to what is not real. As they haved moved deeper in their Oneness, there has been a split with those who are caught in the web of illusion. This split is like a rubber band being stretched to its limits. Because they are so centered in their true Self, it does not take many people to create the tension that pulls against those lost in the illusion. The ratio may be 1000 to 1. When you take one candle into a completely darkened arena, that one candle can shed a lot of light. As the split becomes worse, the rubber band is being stretched to a greater extent, and this causes shocks to the system. The natural world is a reflection of what what is happening with us, and the increase in earthquakes and tremors is showing us what is going on in this area.

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