I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sweetness of God's Love

About ten years ago I realized that I was attached to sodas and chewing gum and that this attachment, as well as the high sugar content, was not good for me. So I gave them up, but I continued to eat sugar in candy or chocolate, etc. The amount that I ate varied over the years. Within the last few years I exhibited symptoms of Candida, and there were a couple of times I came off the processed sugar, hoping to clear the Candida up. But I never gave up fruit, and I was eating a significant amount of fruit. I justified eating the fruit because it was not the same type of sugar, and of course, everyone needs to eat fruit. About 6 weeks ago I had the realization that I needed to give up all sugar, including fruit. My fruit intake had increased greatly, and I felt as if I was having physical cravings for fruit. Plus, there were times I gorged on chocolate/candy, and my Candida had never cleared up. Physically, I needed to cleanse my body to make it more of a temple for God. I was off all sugar and fruit for about a week, and I felt that this must have been enough time to cleanse me. It was also hard for me to fight the cravings for chocolate. So in my mind, I justified the slow reintroduction of fruit and a little sugar. But of course, once I opened the gate, the flood came in. Another piece of candy was okay, another orange couldn't hurt me because it was fruit. So you know the story. I ended back up at the same point I was at before I started. A couple of weeks later it hit me. My cravings were not physical. They were psychological. As I turned away from God's Love due to fear, I substituted that missing sweetness with a physical sweetness. This is what I had been doing for all of my life, and this is why we are so addicted to sugar in this society. We believe that we can replace that missing Love, but it can never be replaced. As we eat sugar, we continue to eat more and more, because what we are eating is not acting as a replacement for that Love. That deep hole of grief that we have over not feeling His Love becomes more and more pronounced, and we continue to feed that hole with sugar. The sugar also causes us to add weight, and we have a belief that this extra weight acts as a protective barrier to not feeling at all. Because if we feel, we will have to face that deep hole of grief. When I realized that this sugar addiction was psychological, I knew it was time, finally time, for me to turn permanently to that Love. The sweetness of that Love is indescribable. It is the Love the Father has for the Son and that Love coming back to the Father. This is the reason for your Creation. It has all the sweetness that you will ever need. It is there for you, right now. All you need do is look within.


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