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Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Looks Past

Love looks past all judgment. If you judge yourself, that is not what Love (God) sees. If you judge another, you are not seeing through eyes of Love. When you judge, whether that be judgment of yourself or another, it is always about an action, an appearance, something spoken, even a thought. It is always about something a body does. If you see yourself as a body, and you see others as bodies, then your view and experience is one of separation. Unity and separation are incompatible terms. It has to be one or the other. How can God be One if there are bodies with "space" between these bodies? What animates that space --- is it just dead space? How can there be a break in something that is unified?

By definition, unity is one. There are no differences in unity. If you see differences, are you seeing what Love (God) sees? Are you seeing what Jesus saw? How can it be that Jesus forgave his crucifiers? Could it be that Jesus saw even the most horrible scene ---one in which he was squarely in the middle of --- could it be that his saw his own crucifixion as Love. How else could he have forgiven those who crucified him? If Jesus could take one of the most horrible experiences (anyone would be hard pressed to agree that it wasn't) and see it as Love, then what does this mean for each of us? It tells us what is possible! If Jesus could see only Love under those circumstances, surely we can do the same under less "adverse" circumstances. Can you do this is someone hurts your feelings? Can you do this if someone lies to you? What if your significant other cheats on you? Now, I can read many of your thoughts, and they go something like this. "Well, if I forgive that person, or I try to see it as Love, then they are getting off the hook." But there are several issues with this line of thinking. First, the other person is not suffering by you holding a grudge --- you are. It is destroying your peace, not theirs. But forgiveness, when viewed within the context of God's Love, goes much farther than this. Forgiveness is not saying to someone that this act happened but I am not going to be mad at you anymore. What kind of forgiveness has strings attached? Love looks past. Love does not see the event as you previously saw it. This is true forgiveness. When you change your mind about what happened, the "rift" between you and that person is permanently healed. Love has filled the vacuum where before there was fear and hate. Actually, Love was always there --- the clouds of hate and fear evaporate and now it is revealed in its glory. As we continue to surrender to this process, a wonderful thing happens. The more we stay in Love, the more Love is revealed to us. What I am saying is that once we have set our wheels on that track, once our intention becomes clear to God and the Universe, the faster we move toward that goal. The goal is to see past differences to Love, all the time, just as Jesus walked this earth. This is where our peace and joy lie.

Now, I want to give one caution that I hope will save you a lot of angst. Many of you have already set your wheels on this track, and when they slip off, which is what they will do, you beat yourself up for that. Basically, you judge yourself for judging another, for not being good enough, etc. First, your wheels will fall off the track, because it is part of the process in moving back toward God. So if it is part of that process, you can relax and surrender into those times when you are not centered. Also, beating yourself up is the worst thing you can do. Let's say that you are having a lot of negative judgments of others. Well, if you judge yourself for doing that, you are doing the very thing that you are trying to get away from! Heaping judgment on judgment creates a downward spiral that makes it hard to release what you were trying to release before you judged yourself. Remember, you are Love, and Love looks past everything.


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