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Monday, August 22, 2011

Common Mistake

The most common mistake we all make is to see the world and think that it is a certain way. I have talked about in the past how we all see through our own set of colored glasses based on our belief system, thus we are all seeing a different "reality." Today I want to mention how this plays into your spiritual belief system. God expresses through each of us in a unique way, and how we see Him is unique. If you are rigid in your spiritual belief system, all of these spiritual "variations" will cause you to be fearful, because you cannot accept any possible exceptions to your system. One exception opens Pandora's box. If you are flexible in your spiritual belief system, you are open and welcome the many variations of how people express through Him and how they understand Him. This allows you to be open enough to learn from others, because after all, He is expressing through them as well as you.
Being flexible does not mean that you hop from spiritual belief to spiritual belief, although some people do that in their searching. You may have a set of spiritual beliefs or a religion that works for you and brings you closer to Him, and that is great. Being flexible means that you know your "way" is not the only way, and as important, it means that you are open to your belief system evolving. God is infinite. We cannot reach a stopping point in our journey or remembrance back to Him. If we are open to where He wants to take us, we can soar. This means you cannot put Him in a box and say that He has to be this or that. Nor does it mean that you live by "shoulds" as it relates to what your beliefs and practices are. Shoulds are of the world, not of God. If you fully trust in Him and love Him, you know that He will guide you in every step, even if this means that you go down a path that you previously might have thought unlikely.


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