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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Get More Money

Now, I bet I caught everyone's attention with that title :)

Actually, this is about getting more of anything you want. Financial abundance is just a part of that. To get something, you must give something. This runs completely counter to what you logically think would be the case. Because we live in a dream world created by our egos, it appears that you want to hold on to things. Because if you give away things, you no longer have them, right? Wrong --- that is just an appearance based on a belief that we are all separate. But when you come from a perspective of Oneness, you cannot truly give anything "away." As you give, you are giving to yourself. We add to Creation by giving. This is what Jesus did --- he gave fully of himself. When you come from that place of Oneness, there is no separate self. Jesus gave selflessly and only what was best for the whole body of God, not what was best for himself, or an individual or group.

So when we give, we are giving to our Self as the One, and what is given is increased exponentially through the act of giving. Also, in order to give something, you must have it. So simply by the act of giving do you acknowledge that you have it, reinforcing it again and adding to it. This is a very neat system!

I think a lot of you would agree with all of the above as it relates to giving Love, but how about finances? It works the same way as there can be no exceptions. I understand that it may be very difficult for you to do that around finances, but it would benefit you greatly if you start moving toward this realization. As you write checks or pay bills online, take a moment and feel the gratitude and joy that you have the money to pay these. If you think that this is draining your bank account and you become fearful, then you are reinforcing lack of money, and the cycle is working in reverse versus what is described above. So feel the joy when you pay bills, pay for the plumber, give your kids an allowance, etc. You can also feel the joy and gratitude that the plumbing company employees or the credit card employees are receiving abundance from you. You are a clear vessel which can receive and give great abundance. If a certain number of people in the world came from this consciousness as it relates to abundance, the financial situation and the world in general would look like a completely different place.


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