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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Soften the Edges

When you are having a lot of worry about a certain situation, or you are experiencing a lot of antagonism with another person, soften the edges around those experiences. For instance, if there is someone who you have to deal with and you are having a hard time getting along, in your mind see yourself and that person standing near each other. Instead of well defined and separate bodies, blur the edges. If you can blend the edges, that is even better. For a situation that is worrying you or even causing you anger, see yourself having that reaction. Watch yourself as you do, and then soften the edges around that reaction.

When we soften the edges, we are seeing more in grey than black and white. This allows more of God guidance to enter. It allows you to see the situation or the person in a little different light, and then this can act as the catalyst for a larger change in how you see it. The larger change will bring you the peace you want around this person or this situation.

You can even soften the edges around "past" events or people that are no longer in your life. This may allow you to close a chapter on a situation or a personal encounter that you wish had ended differently. If you see it differently, then it truly has changed.


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