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Thursday, December 13, 2012

His Love You Seek

You know that Love which you feel so strongly in the early part of a romantic relationship --- it is consistently there and it gives you great joy, like it is the greatest thing in your life? This is a recreation of your Love for Him. At a subconscious level you believe this other person fills the longing you have and ends the journey or search to come back to God's Love. No one recognizes this is what they are searching for. If they did, they would know that a relationship based with one person that is based on human love cannot be a substitute. But this is why so many people go from relationship to relationship. They believe that the "next" one will bring them what they want. They do not realize that is God they want. Human ego love will always disappoint --- that is why after the newness has worn off, they are disappointed and they blame the other person for not giving then what they want. You can find Divine Love through this other person if both people commit themselves to working through the ego disappointments and games. Underneath this falseness, within this other person, is God and His Love.

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