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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Will YOU Go Forward?

Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve a problem using the same means as what created the problem. What he was telling us was to rise to a higher level of consciousness, a God consciousness, to "solve" the world's problems. When we do that the world's problems/appearance of the world changes. So to come down on either more gun control or armed protectors in the schools in response to the Newtown tragedy totally misses the boat, because this is solving using the same means. There will always appear problems in an ego or false consciousness world, because it is not God's Kingdom.

So how do we respond to tragedies such as Newtown? First, we must not cast blame --- blame and judgment are why the world appears in the mess that it is. God's Kingdom is one of Love, not blame, victimization, or judgment. So your task is to have great compassion and Love on everyone involved in this tragedy, including the shooter. Pray that God's awareness and Love is manifest in the hearts and minds of everyone involved. God uses everything --- he makes lemons out of lemonade if we ALLOW Him. So there is always an opening for each of us individually, and the world collectively, to use something horrific to move back to a remembrance of Him and His Love. You saw that when the first dad to make a statement had great compassion on the shooter's family --- to hold that compassion in the midst of tremendous grief is truly His Presence working.

It is important for each of us to recognize that we are responsible for everything that happens in this world. We are not separate --- there is one body of Christ. Individually and collectively, we have brought ourselves to this turning point. What choices will we make now ---- blame/judgment, or Love/compassion? We have not made good choices to this point as we have turned our face from God and put the things of the world above Him. When we have greed, when we poison the environment and our food, when we have no sense of unity/community, would you expect different results than what you are seeing? 

When you increase your Light through Love and compassion, that Light shines brightly, illuminating the world. Just one candle in a darkened room pierces that darkness a large amount. So how will YOU go forward? 

Lawrence Doochin


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