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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Your "Problems"

This world appears like a mess. We see many problems that are worsening --- extreme divisiveness and polarization, millions of kids under age six on prescription medicines, a crumbling financial system and money as a God to many, teenagers so desensitized, so cut off from their own true nature and with no support systems that they become killing machines, huge numbers of depressed individuals, polluted water, food, and skies --- need I go on?

How did we get here? God is the reason we are here --- no, we are not being punished by Him. We are punishing and doing it to ourselves! We have completely turned our face from Him and His Love individually and collectively. The farther we believe we "move" from Him, the more self judgment we feel and then project into the world (judgment, hatred, wars, etc) and the more we try to fill that hole of longing for His Love with stuff --- material goods, sex, medicators like drugs or alcohol, position, etc.

There is great news! God and His Love is the solution to EVERY one of yours and the world's "problems." For they are not really problems --- they appear that way to us now, but they will melt away into nothingness when we return to and feel His Love, which then reveals the Kingdom.

Lawrence Doochin


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