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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Don't Be A Victim

Powerlessness comes from acting like a victim. That is the ego's way of getting attention in order to confirm its own identity. But you cannot gain true power, the power that comes with being the Son of God, this way. Do you notice how those who act like a victim continue to add more items or points to their victim persona? Because they are not getting what they truly need, they ratchet up the victimization mode in a futile attempt to gain power that way. The lens of victimization starts for most in childhood, and when they are a child, they are truly a victim if they have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused. They do not have the ability or the perspective to protect themselves and to see their experience in a different way. But when someone reaches adulthood, they do have the ability to think of their childhood experiences differently and to see from a higher perspective. They have the ability to make a choice. Do they want to remain in hell or not, because seeing yourself as a victim is hell. When you are healing from any negative childhood experience, you will reexperience the victimization and the feelings, the beliefs associated with what happened. But these are all meant to come to the surface, be felt, and be released for good. When you stay in the pain and beliefs associated with your victimization, you have not grown and you have not truly healed.

Lawrence Doochin


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