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Thursday, January 09, 2014

How We All Identify

Each of us identifies ourselves using "I." We say "I am angry," or "I am going to the store." "I am smart," and "I don't like what you are doing to ME." When we continue to identify ourselves this way, when we continually reinforce it, no wonder that we believe that we are separate from Him. And no wonder why many people believe that He is sitting in a faraway place called Heaven. And no wonder why many people assign Him the same qualities as we perceive in ourselves, like judgment, anger, conditional love. He is not that, and neither are you. You may perceive that, and this makes you believe it, but perception is an appearance, not Truth. Do not believe this about yourself or Him. You are not separate --- you are One with Him/Her/Your Creator --- whatever you want to call Him that stirs your heart in Love. And you are One with everything and everyone. You are not limited by time and space --- these are human ego constructs. They are not of Him nor of you.

Lawrence Doochin

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