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Sunday, August 03, 2014

God Relationships

The highest form of a relationship is one where both people know that God meets all of their needs. Unfortunately most relationships are based on one or both people looking to the other person to fulfill something which they believe is lacking within themselves, and this is almost always at an unconscious level. A relationship can be romantic, friend, employer, etc. You come together in these relationships to have those areas and false beliefs you have about yourself not being whole mirrored back to you through the dynamics of the relationship. So when the relationship brings up friction, don't run, as this is what you have chosen at a spirit level for healing in order to come back to God. If you allow the false beliefs to be exposed to the Light and you get past the anger and hurt, you see the God within that other person and the gift they have been giving to you. This is God meeting God. Then your relationship is very holy and one of great joy and authenticity, because you don't place any expectations or unconscious burdens on the other person to meet your needs.

Lawrence Doochin

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