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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pain Versus Suffering

Pain may occur at times, but suffering is optional. God's Will for you is complete joy. We suffer when we resist what IS. If we let go and allow the River of Life to take us where we need to go, which sometimes involves pain, grief, and anger, then we can move through these states much easier and quicker. We suffer when we fight or run from what arises in us to be healed. This blocks the energy from expressing up and out of us. The blocked energy then makes us miserable as many try to medicate it away, which is impossible and only exacerbates the problem. We are all on a path back to God, and we only need to trust in Him that He has our highest good and that there is joy and peace, and His Presence, on the other side of the pain.

Lawrence Doochin

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