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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Why Was Jesus Persecuted?

Jesus was persecuted because he was Love. He had released all falseness, all belief in separation, allowing his divinity and Oneness with God to shine through. As Love with no covering, he acted as a perfect mirror for those he encountered.

If the person he interacted with judged little and had love for himself and others, then that person would be very attracted to Jesus, just as a moth is attracted to the light. Jesus, as a perfect mirror, would reflect God's Love, awakening a recognition in that person that this Love was also a part of them. We all want to return to that Love, but it is simply a recognition we need to make that we have never left it.

If Jesus encountered a person who saw himself as very sinful, one who did not recognize the Love inside, then that person wanted to kill Jesus. His light shone brightly into their shadow areas, those hidden places where they wanted to keep covered the beliefs they had about themselves. When we have these false beliefs that we are sinful and unloved, we fear that the light of truth and Love will illuminate these shadow areas, because we fear that these beliefs are true. We try to hide then from God (from Love), because we believe that He will punish us if He sees how sinful we are. A mind which believes itself to be separate from God has very delusionary and irrational thoughts.

As someone who was in this world but not of it, who was a completely clear vessel for God, Jesus was crucified so that His body would be destroyed. The belief of those who killed him was that by destroying his body, God would not be able to "get at" them. In effect, by destroying him, they were destroying and triumphing over God. A separated mind believes it must triumph over God or it will be killed by God.

Lawrence Doochin

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