I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Friday, March 31, 2017

God Operates Through You

God is not remote from you. He is One with you, and you move and have your Being in Him.

You are God's hands and feet in this world. If you want to get something accomplished, it is false thinking to sit back and expect God to push the buttons and mysteriously all this amazing stuff happens for you. You have to take action. You are His hands and feet. He will open doors, but you have to walk through those doors. You have to help Him to help you. You set the table, and God will bring the appropriate people to dinner who will bless you.

Lawrence Doochin

These posts are similar to the over 2500 contained on The Divine Speaks website (www.thedivinespeaks.com) where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time. Lawrence is the author of three books on emotional and spiritual healing, including "Thirteen Steps To Move From Victim Consciousness To God Consciousness: Healing Traumatic Experiences Including Sexual, Physical, Emotional, And Mental Abuse."


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