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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Christ Is Awakening Within Us

As our ability to understand has evolved, God has revealed more of His true nature.

For instance, in the Old Testament God is not referred to as a Father in terms of a parent and child. He is referred to as a father of a nation, similar to a distant king. During the Old Testament times, many gods were worshipped, and the first step that had to take place was the move to worship the one God. The Ten Commandments were necessary to have people understand a basic moral code, but they were at a place in their understanding where this code had to be transmitted almost as rules to be followed. This went hand in hand with the belief that God was distant and would punish His people if the rules were not followed.

Jesus brought us to a new level of God revealing Himself, as we learned through Jesus that God is Love, God is One, God is All, we are His children, and the Kingdom is within us --- we are never separate from Him. Now, we are in times where our understanding is evolving into an even deeper level of God revealing Himself to us. The Christ is awakening in us as the Christ awakened in Jesus.

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