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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What You Don't Realize ....

What you don't realize is that your Will is the same as what God's Will is for you. This is the only way that you can have true joy, not the false joy that comes from this world.

It appears that we can have a will that is separate from God's Will as we can take actions or have thoughts that are incompatible with what He wants for us. But do we even know what He wants for us? Can we even separate the "I" from the "Him" when only Unity exists?

We BELIEVE we can have a separate will, and each of us has a completely different idea as to what that separate will would be, but belief does not make for reality. How can we have a separate will when only Unity exists, only God exists?

We live in a reality that has the appearance of duality, but only Unity exists. So by operating in this world of duality, maybe we are learning through contrast, that we are truly One and that His Will is all that exists.

Our "separate or ego self" only exists by the power of the belief we give it. Certainly, we need some type of ego or personality self to operate in this world, but it does not need to drive the boat as it does for a vast majority. It is a very small piece of who you are.

When you come to this realization, you begin to ask what truly makes you happy. And the answer .... drum roll please .... is so simple and powerful that it brings you to tears of gratitude. Each of us only wants to do His Will. Only by being a completely clear vessel through which He expresses can we fulfill our individual evolution, fulfill our role in this reality, and be a Co-creator with God, which is what He created us out of Love to do.

How do we get to this place? We have to let go of what is false, leaving only what is Real. We have to release all false beliefs, release everything that is not of God. We have to be willing to witness anything and everything in ourselves, including our fears, motives, defenses, guilt, shame, self judgment --- everything. Look behind every corner and shadow in yourself.

Again, why do we want to do this? Because it brings us JOY AND THE PEACE OF GOD. This is very much a process of self interest. I can guarantee you that you are very tired being something you are not. You play roles here, but you are not meant to identify AS those roles anymore than an actor on a stage thinks they are truly that role.

When you move into this expanded consciousness, you realize that you don't have to figure out what God's Will is. You just live it. You just are it. You move effortlessly with wherever the River of Life takes you, enjoying the scenery and paying attention to what God prompts you to do. What a beautiful way to go through Life.

Lawrence Doochin

These posts are similar to the over 2300 contained on The Divine Speaks website (www.thedivinespeaks.com) where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time. Lawrence is the author of three books on emotional and spiritual healing, including "Thirteen Steps To Move From Victim Consciousness To God Consciousness: Healing Traumatic Experiences Including Sexual, Physical, Emotional, And Mental Abuse."


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