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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Accept Your Capacity For Evil

God is All. At the ultimate level of who we are, that ALL is only Love. But here on Earth, Love is represented in many forms and experiences, "good" and "bad." We each have the capacity for evil inside of us because we live in a world of contrast -- this is how we awaken to our divinity and how God has an experience of Himself/Herself through each of us.

It is the "bad" which gives contrast to the "good" and shows us what choice we want to make. Through choosing God and His Will do we affirm our divinity and take our place as a Co-creator.

Those who choose evil are still One with God, still One with you, even if they don't recognize it and take actions which do not benefit the whole. We all take different paths on our way back to God, and it is not for us to judge another's path. This would take a perspective that is far greater than we can see. We can discern that the actions of another are not good for them, the planet, etc, but discernment and judgment are very different.

That which you want to achieve is only accomplished by accepting that which you don't want. If you want peace, you must first accept and love the "non peace" which arises in you. So you must accept your capacity for evil and choose wisely.

Lawrence Doochin
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