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Friday, November 03, 2017

Don't Limit God

Don't limit God. He doesn't limit you.

We want to put God in a box and assign Him qualities based on how we see ourselves and the world. We see Him through our own belief system and that is not accurate. So someone who has a lot of self judgment and judgment of others likely sees God as judgmental. Or someone who had parents who were very hard and inflicted punishment will likely see God as punishing.

God is not the qualities we assign to Him because He is unlimited, because He is ALL, everything that exists. As the undifferentiated One, He is Love and those attributes which flow from Love --- compassion, joy, peace, abundance.

As He experiences Himself, Herself, in form through us and all Creation, He appears and expresses as all of the above plus "negative" emotions or qualities, as we experience these. Nothing is outside of God, but these "negative" aspects are only an appearance that is upheld through the power of belief in them. Once the belief is dropped, Heaven is revealed.

Because you are One with God, you are not limited either. Again, you are only limited by the power you give to your belief that you are limited, that you are not worthy, that you are not holy, that you are not Divine, etc.

Take a look at your beliefs and how they shape everything you say and do. How they constrict your freedom. How you are NOT them, even though you hold them.

Lawrence Doochin
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