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Saturday, November 04, 2017


Forgiveness comes naturally when you no longer want to be a victim.

It is as if the sun breaks through the clouds and illuminates you and everything you see. It is very freeing for you and the person you have forgiven.

You can't hold anger and non forgiveness and not have it effect you in all ways --- emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. If you think you are punishing the other person by not forgiving them, you are mistaken. You are punishing yourself. You have created a jail cell of your own making and YOU --- not the other person --- are depriving yourself of peace and joy.

Everyone deserves your forgiveness, regardless of how heinous you feel the other person's actions or words. You can't separate anyone or anything from Unity and God. When you forgive from a perspective of Unity, you understand that this person or group is a part of God, just like you. And you can have compassion on them because they may not recognize their divinity, thus they take actions which are not in alignment with who they truly are.

Lawrence Doochin
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