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Monday, November 06, 2017

Hold A Wide View

When viewing a situation or experience that is giving us angst, it is helpful to look at it from a higher perspective and from different angles.

We can start with the knowing that God is One and work our way down. We are working through levels of the illusion, but this is okay to help with perspective as long as we see the illusion for what it is and we hold the truth that God is One.

Also, we can look at an experience or an encounter with someone from different angles. For instance, when you meet someone, you are meeting your brother, God, and your Self. Holding this paradox creates an opening within you.

Holding a wide perspective means that you hold Unity while taking the action that is necessary and feels right to you. So this may mean ending a relationship with an abusive friend, or it may mean recognizing that even though everything is God, there exists "evil" in this reality. It means recognizing that nothing is black and white and allowing yourself to be carried by the River of Life to those experiences and people who will help you grow.

Awakening is not an easy process but it is very holy and beautiful.

Lawrence Doochin
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