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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Definition of Love

We are told that we are created in God's image, and this is very true. Quantum physics has proven that only Unity, one unified energy field exists --- there is no separation! When we say that God is One, we are saying that God is All, and contrary to what your eyes "see," you are One with everything and everyone.

And this means that you share the attributes of God. But except for a very small number of people, most of the world sees God in their image, in how they view themselves. So if you self judge, you will see God as judgmental. If you see yourself as sinful, you will see God, not as sin, but as separate from you and judging you for your "sin."

This is because most people live through an ego perspective. The ego is actually a very small part of who you are, and the ego passes away into nothingness when your Spirit leaves this reality, but most people feel no connection to who they truly are at a Spirit level and think the ego is all there is.

The ego has been formed from your experiences and beliefs, especially what happened to you in childhood. If your parents weren't loving to you, you likely came to believe that you were not lovable. This created rose colored glasses for how you see others, the world, and especially God. So you don't believe that God is a loving God and you believe that He will judge and punish you for your "sins."

But God is Love. This is a not a human love --- this is a Divine Love which means that God loves us unconditionally, regardless of our actions or thoughts. He cannot do otherwise for He is Love! And you are that Love, if you can uncover and release those false beliefs which keep the ego "in control" and which prevent you from seeing who you truly are.

We are each evolving individually to come back to a recognition of that Love, and we are evolving collectively. So in the Old Testament times, God was seen as a judgmental and punishing God. But Jesus came to awaken us to the recognition that God is Love, and this is what we are all being asked to see.

Many people see "negative" events as God's punishment, but an event is just an event --- it is how it is viewed which determines whether it is "good" or "bad." When we take a higher perspective, and we understand that we are here in this reality to grow and come back to God in our recognition and remembrance --- not in reality for we have never left Him --- we can see the gifts in everything that happens to us. We can see that everything is Love, and everything that happens, even the "negative" stuff, is meant not to punish us but to help us release attachment to this false world and to awaken us to our greater reality. We can see that this life is very temporary, almost like participating in dream or a play on the stage, and that we are eternal Spirit, one with the Love that created us out of Love.

Lawrence Doochin
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