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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tuning To God

When we are told to pray without ceasing, this does not necessarily mean that we are constantly saying a prayer in our thoughts. This is not practical as we move through the world.

But what is possible is to constantly keep our attention on God. To remember Him and to continually call in His Presence is the highest form of prayer, because it is communion. We actually don't have to call Him in, because He is already within us, as we are One with Him. All we need to do is "tune" ourselves to His frequency --- similar to tuning a radio to a station and clearing the static.

When you tune to God, you are clearing the static of the world which blocks you from recognizing His Presence within you. You do this by removing what is false within you that blocks recognition He is there --- dropping false beliefs about yourself and Him.

You can do this tuning in every moment, even when you are doing tasks or talking to someone. The more you do this, the greater will your peace be. Are you placing your attention on Him or on the trinkets of the world?

Lawrence Doochin
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