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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Freedom And The Role You Play

If you want to be known by the world for something --- a great lawyer, a spiritual authority, a great chef, even the negative --- a victim --- if you want to have that label, you are not free.

If you are an actor in a play, and there is a murder in the play, do you call the actual police to come and arrest the murderer? Of course not, because you know that you are in a play. The play is fun, and you play your role AS IF it were real, but you know it is not.

The play is our life here in this reality, and the sooner you can recognize that it is a play, that it is just a learning ground for you to remember, the sooner you can save yourself a lot of angst and suffering. For the experiences will keep coming --- it is whether you flow in ease with them because you have a high perspective, or whether you fight the flow in the River of Life. If you fight the flow and don't know and trust that what is brought to you is by your choice and for your highest good, then you will not flow effortlessly with the natural flow and you will be smashed against the rocks in the River.

You don't have to be smashed against the rocks --- God does not want that for you. He wants joy and ease for you as you remember your divinity and His deep Love for you.

Freedom comes from knowing our Oneness with God, knowing that we play roles in this false world ONLY so that we can remember that Oneness.

Lawrence Doochin
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