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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Monday, January 15, 2018

How Do You Create?

Do you create consciously or unconsciously?

Most people create unconsciously. They don't know how they create the soup, but they are using most, if not all of the elements, to create the soup. So even if they are not spiritually oriented and don't recognize their Oneness with God, they still use their power as a Co-creator with God to manifest what they want. The ingredients in the soup mix are intention, persistence, joy, and gratitude.

Just because someone uses their creative power to manifest, this doesn't mean they are using it for something that is beneficial for the whole. And there are many people who understand their creative power and use it to benefit themselves, or to create "evil", in the world.

What if we understood our creative power and used it to benefit the whole? This is what Jesus did. He said we would do greater things than him. But you have a choice, once you recognize how powerful you are, to use that power for good or evil. True service is done without regard to yourself --- it is done for the whole in the way God directs you. And why should you do this? Because this is what Love does, and Love is your true nature. When you become what you are, when you fulfill the role God gave to you to bring yourself and others to Heaven, you have immense joy and a peace that passes understanding.

This is what you want to strive for. This is why you are here on this Earth at this momentous time.

Lawrence Doochin
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