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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The True Meaning Of The Cross

In Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, "sin" means error, not something permanent. To "repent" means to turn 180 degrees, to look at something from a completely different perspective.

Jesus came not to "take away" our sins, but to show us that they do not exist in the way we think and have been taught --- which is a way of taking them away. He came not to cross out sin but rather to cross out the belief in sin.

God looks at us only with Love, for we are a part of Him, as Oneness and Unity are all that exist. Why would God judge or punish a part of Himself/Herself? The belief that we are separate and God will judge and punish us, the belief in "sin," comes from a belief that we are separate from our Creator and everything else. But this is false, and when we see with eyes of Unity, we know that God only wants us to see our errors, see our wrong mind thinking (thinking with the ego mind versus the Mind of God), and turn away (repent) from this wrong thinking so that we can be in a Love relationship with Him. This is why we were created. So Jesus was the first to fully come back to a recognition of His Oneness, and he showed us the way and said we would do greater things than him. He raised the dead. Do we take him at his word and recognize how holy we are?

The cross also represents the merging of the Divine (vertical) with humanity (horizontal), the merging of Heaven and Earth. Again, Jesus was the first to fully do this, but he is certainly not the last as we are all on that path. There is one Son/Daughter/Child of God, and that is each of us. We are all part of that Sonship.

Remember, there is no separation. God created One Son/Daughter from a part of Himself/Herself so that He/She could have an experience of Himself/Herself as Love. And Christ means Love, so we all come back to our Creator through Love. Jesus was the first to fully recognize his divinity and Unity with and as that Love. So when we say that we can only come back to the Father through Jesus Christ, we should clarify it to say we only come back to Him through Love, and as Jesus the human being became that Love --- as we walk the same path --- then we can understand that path through communion with Jesus and looking to him as an elder brother who can show us the way.

But any path that is based in Love can take you there. It is your heart that gets you there, not your intellect and a rigid belief system, not a set of spiritual practices, what you wear, how often you pray or meditate. We can't think God and Unity --- we must feel and experience Him, and we do that through an open heart bursting with Love and compassion, non judgment, non attachment, and gratitude.

Finally, the Cross represents the "binding" of our Will to God. As we give our Will over to Him, we want to be bound so that we are not struggling or resisting when His Will is done. This is an act of "obedience," but obedience is not how the world thinks of it. When we love God with all of our heart and being and we desire only to do His Will, then we are obedient. And we desire only to be purged of everything that is not of God. When we desire it and give our Will to Him, Love is a fire that destroys and leaves nothing in its trace, except God. And that is the meaning of being born again.

Lawrence Doochin
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