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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Withholding Forgiveness

If you knew the price you pay for withholding forgiveness, you would dedicate your life to offering forgiveness in every situation and to every person.

You may believe that withholding forgiveness keeps you safe. You may believe that it punishes the other person for their "sins." But all it does is punish you. You are withholding and cutting off your peace and joy, not that of the other person.

Yes, there may be anger and pain involved with forgiveness, but is there a healing process involved with a prisoner who has been freed after many years of captivity and who has been greatly affected physically and emotionally? You are your own jailer --- you created the prison cell and put yourself in it. God did not do this to you, nor did the other person.

You choose how you want to live life, how you want to see others, how joyful and peaceful you are. You choose whether you see through the eyes of the ego mind, which looks for grievances in every situation, or whether you see through the eyes of God and Unity, which looks for Love in every situation and realizes that this world and all of its "happenings" is not real.

Do not blame God or others for your situation. This is acting like a victim. Take responsibility and acknowledge who you are as a Son or Daughter of God.

Lawrence Doochin
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